“Big” Macao888 joins in to surrender himself, presenting conditions that must be insured : PPTVHD36

The progress of the Macau 888 case after the issuance of arrest warrants for 7 other suspects, one of whom is Mr. Kittipong Kachonbunthavorn or Big Brothers and Sisters, 4 B. Recently, it was reported that Mr. Kittipong asked to turn himself in to the police .

Pol. Lt Gen. Worawat Wat Nakorn Bancha The manager of the Bureau of Investigation of Technological Crimes (BTC) revealed that the 4 B. 1 in 7 family members who received the latest round of arrest warrants have tried to contact him to surrender him to the police for Mr Kittipong Kachonbunthavorn or Big Brother. by submitting the conditions they must be released on bail as investigators But the police could not accept this condition. As for the other accused There has been no official contact since the news was presented.

Court approves arrest warrant for “Big” Benz Damon’s brother involved in “Macau 888” gambling website

Requests red notice to arrest “Big” Benz Damon’s younger brother in Macau 888 gambling site case

Warrants to arrest the remaining accused The police are in the process of going after them. It is expected that some of the accused will be found soon, and there is information that the two accused have traveled between Thailand and neighboring countries many times through natural channels. As for the other accused who escaped from the arrest warrant, the police are on the trail.

At the same time, investigators have called dozens of witnesses for questioning. It is expected that there will be more information within the next week.

As for the accused, 4 out of 13, the first round of arrest warrants are still on the run. Currently still in the process of tracking and arresting No one has yet contacted to request a surrender.

In addition, it was said that “Mr. Pik”, a close friend of Mr. Kittipong or Big, said Hiring two pretty girls to perform Macau888’s music video. Including the hiring of MC King, a rapper who composes and sings Macau, 888 will contact the police tomorrow according to a summons.

Regarding the information that Ms. Arisara Thongbosut or Dew, a young actress the police traveled to Taiwan to ask for more information. will return to Thailand on March 16. Initially, there was no change in the travel schedule from the actress. It is expected that everything will go according to the original schedule.

At the same time, today, the cyber police announced the results of the operation according to the strategy. “Cau JOB-SHOP Thip” to arrest the person accused of cheating products and services through the online world that in the past People reported complaints in the online notification center. Between March 1, 2022 and February 28, 2023, a total of 210,000 cases

This is the most fraudulent sale of products online, 70,000 cases, most of which are fraudulent purchases of products and services. Including joint investment in various forms through online media. Therefore, the information of the victims was examined, divided into 14 groups of cases, divided into 4 categories: consumer product purchase fraud; agricultural product trading scam venture capital scams, digital currency and other forms of investment, and voucher trading scams. Tourism services and debt collection services

with more than 500 people victimized by scammers Compensation ranged from 110 baht to 1.6 million baht, with a total damage value of more than 35 million baht. 26 suspects were arrested.

for such actions It is an offense to deceive the public. and bring false information Log into the computer system, while the remaining accused are in the process of expediting their arrest for further legal proceedings.