“Big Mouth” Producers Open About Season 2 Possibilities

MBC producers opened their mouths to talk about the possibility of Big Mouth season 2

The popular drama Big Mouth starring Lee Jong Suk and YoonA aired its finale on September 17 with a viewership rating of 13.7%, the highest number recorded since its broadcast. and at the same time being chanted by a large number of viewers Complaining about the ending which seems to end in the last 5 minutes, because many The issue is still confusing. Also the characters disappeared. The villains die easily and unsatisfyingly. Importantly, the series was released as an open-ended ending. Causing netizens to wonder if this was intentional or not.

Until yesterday (September 18th), MBC producers clarified their opinion on the question of season 2, telling media giant Star News, stating, “We think it’s too early to talk about season 2. two” and it came to’ the conclusion that “We will work hard and come back with a great project,” he said.

Who wants to watch Big Mouth season 2 raise your hand?

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