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‘Big Pom’ discusses 4 nations, Mekong River Commission Supporting the hydropower development framework

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‘Big Pom’ discusses 4 nations, Mekong River Commission Supporting the hydropower development framework reduce the impact on the new ecosystem

On November 25, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister as chairman of the council The Mekong River Commission for the year 2021 is the chairman of the Council meeting. The 28th Mekong River Commission and Joint Council Meetings Mekong River Commission with the 26th Development Partnership in collaboration with the Council of the Cambodia National Mekong River Commission, the Council of the Lao National Mekong River Commission, the Council of the National Mekong River Commission of Vietnam and development partner countries such as Sweden, the European Union, the United States, Australia, etc., along with the Thai delegation consisting of Mr. Anucha Nakasai, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office. Representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand attended the meeting at The Athenee Hotel, Bangkok. and via electronic media (Video Conference) which Thailand hosted the meeting

General Prawit revealed that the Mekong Basin presents more challenges. Whether it is the low water volume and the drought of the Mekong River in the past 3 years, it also faces climate change and flooding problems. Affects the economy and livelihood of people living throughout the Mekong River Basin. Therefore, it is urgent that the four member countries focus on working together. to create the well-being of the people in the sub-region Must have state-of-the-art databases and technologies to analyze, forecast and provide early warning. ready to accelerate the development of efficient information sharing channels In order to adapt to climate volatility, a balance between responsible development and environmental protection must be achieved through a joint systematic plan in advance. to allow stakeholders to be aware, understand and participate in their opinions; This is because the Upper and Lower Mekong people have an obligation to work together to protect the river and its natural resources. to maintain abundance It is a solid economic fundamental. Member States of the Mekong River Commission have now developed and promoted regional and non-regional cooperation through the implementation of the new Mekong Development Strategic Plan.

On the side of Dr. Surasi Kittimonthon, secretary of the NSTDA, added that In the past, the Mekong River Commission has been fully committed to operating under the COVID-19 crisis. This has resulted in the successful implementation of various roadmaps, such as the Basin Development Strategic Plan 2021-2030 and the completion of the Mekong River Commission Strategic Plan B.E. 2016-2020 Action Plan of the Mekong Drought Management Strategy, etc. However, the Mekong River Commission recognizes public concerns about the rapid development in the region. The meeting therefore considered the strategic plan to develop sustainable hydropower projects in the lower Mekong Basin. To determine and analyze alternatives to jointly develop hydropower to reduce cross-border impacts. Focus on developing appropriate watersheds and achieving sustainable results. to increase benefits across borders including protecting the environment and to maintain a secure balance between water, food and energy; and jointly consider and approve improvements to the regulations of the Mekong River Commission’s key components. as well as to acknowledge the progress of operations as well as discussing and suggesting different practices together
this meeting Deputy Prime Minister has signed 3 important documents including 1) the revision of the Council’s regulations Mekong River Commission 2) Improving the Code of Conduct of the Joint Committee Mekong River Commission; and 3) Minutes of Council Meetings. The 28th Mekong River Commission, meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister as chairman of the council This year’s Mekong River Commission also delivered the presidency of the Council. Mekong River Commission 2022 to H.E. Trang Hong Ha, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. to take office in the next term Thailand is ready to fully support all operations of the Mekong River Commission. to drive the Mekong sub-region to achieve sustainable stability Improve the quality of life and deliver benefits to the people of the 4 member nations for maximum efficiency.

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