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“Big Pom” sits with the head of the Mekong River Council for the 28th time” joins to protect the environment of the Mekong River Basin

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“Gen. Prawit” opened the meeting of the “28th Mekong Council”, hosted by Thailand, supported the rank plan. Let’s protect the environment of the Mekong River Basin. Thank you member countries/negotiators/development partners. cooperate well Ready to send to Vietnam, the chairman of the year 65

Today (25 November) at 9:00 a.m. Pol. Maj. Gen. Patchasak Patiraphanon, Deputy Prime Minister’s spokesman, revealed that Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister presiding over the council The 2021 Mekong River Commission chaired the 28th meeting of the Mekong River Council (TWENTY-EIGHTH MEETING OF THE MRC COUNCIL) at The Athenee Hotel, Bangkok.
today’s meeting It’s a mixed meeting. Between physical meetings and teleconferencing In which Thailand hosted the meeting (2nd time), with member countries attending the meeting, including the Minister of Water Resources and Meteorology from Cambodia, the Minister of Agriculture of Thailand from the Lao PDR and the Minister of Agriculture of Thailand from Vietnam, along with the negotiating countries from the People’s Republic of China and Myanmar and the head of the Cooperation Development Department Embassy of Sweden/Representative of the Chairman of the Development Partnership Group. and approved to improve the regulations of the Council, the Mekong River Commission. and improve the regulations of the joint committee Mekong River Commission In addition, the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Hydropower Development 2021 for the Lower Mekong Basin was approved. under the collaboration to create the well-being of the people in the sub-region and together to protect the environment for further sustainable development Then there was a ceremony to sign the minutes of the Council meeting. followed by a meeting between the Council Mekong River Commission with the 26th Development Partnership Group, with Mr. Anucha Nakasai, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office presiding over the council Mekong River Commission

the essence of the meeting aim for balance together during responsible development and environmental protection systematically by allowing stakeholders to be aware, understand and participate in their opinions The Chairman confirmed the cooperation between the dialogue partners. with the Mekong River Commission that is of utmost importance in the drive to jointly protect the Mekong River And natural resources to maintain abundance forever and after this meeting there will be a handover ceremony for the chairman of the Council. The Mekong River Commission to His Excellency Trang Hong Ha, Minister of State for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Thailand is ready to fully support the chairmanship of the Council for the year 2022 of Vietnam.

Gen Prawit also added that due to the good relationship between Thailand with all countries at this meeting therefore led to cooperation in meetings to discuss Even very successful, which will lead to development boost economy and to enhance the quality of life of the people of the Mekong Basin together in a sustainable manner forever


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