Big praise to Steam “Gundam EVOLUTION” free online, my hunter rushed out just like the end of Mikazuki | 4 Gamers

The new work “Gundam EVOLUTION” (GUNDAM EVOLUTION) developed by BANDAI NAMCO Online has been officially launched on the Steam platform for free today (22), and the first season “SORTIE” will also be launched on score.

“Gundam EVOLUTION” focuses on the well-known machines that operate the Gundam series. Season 1 released a total of 12 free-to-play machines, including Pale Knight, Gundam, Sark II[offer saethu]Demon Hunter Gundam, Sand Sabie, Metas, Jimmie Sniper II, Ashima, Dem Cavalry, Reverse A Gundam, Steel Tank, Jim.

The limited units in Season 1 are Marasai[Unicorn]Angel Gundam, Mahiro, Sark II[Fighting Gear]and Unicorn Gundam.



As a mecha hero shooting game, you can see the shadow of “Doujin Special Attack” in many places on the surface of the system, even the shooting feeling is very close, and the body itself has a different location.

Basically, the life value of each body is high or low, and the number of skills is slightly different. Although there is no rigid tank or supporting location, the most important thing is to determine its mobility according to the characteristics of firepower and skill support . the body, that is, Shift.

Shift is an important sprint displacement skill in the game, but the energy that each unit can use to perform the sprint varies. For example, the Demon Hunter Gundam, which is purely melee-based, has 3 block of sliding energy, while the heavy firepower The fake cavalry has only 1 block of sliding energy.


The game mode is relatively simple, there are two types of weapons warfare and sabotage.

Needless to say, the occupation war is divided into two sides: the attacker and the defender. The attacker wins points A and B, and the defender has to find a way to counter. The sabotage weapon is the offensive and defensive battle of disassembling CS and assembling explosives.


According to the current actual connection, the somatosensory fluency is quite excellent. If the balance of the body has not yet been mastered at the beginning of the game, it is more disadvantageous to use the melee type body, but the damage of the Mae Hunting Hammer Gundam after being close to the body is very amazing. Only useful in certain situations.

The most interesting thing about the game is the display of firepower in the third person. Although some special effects are not ideal, the attack and feelings are still sufficient.


Because it is free to operate, the game itself is indispensable for the loot box mechanism. Players can unlock new units of the season by buying EVO coins, or by earning in-game game coins to unlock .

In addition, season pass and mission mechanism will also give players decorative rewards such as avatars or icons, and the mode of operation is also very special.







The new mecha hero shooting game “Gundam EVOLUTION” is available for free download on Steam right now, and Season 1 “SORTIE” will be launched at the same time.

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