Big S, Gu Junye, was interviewed for the first time after her wedding, which was on the cover of a fashion magazine | Xu Xiyuan | Cool Dragon

[Epoch Times, Medi 30, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Big S (Xu Xiyuan) and “Cool Dragon” Gu Junye were interviewed as a couple for the first time after their wedding, and filmed magazine covers together. The previous love at first sight has fermented into the most beautiful love over time. For the first time, Da S has revealed his voice, the story of the two, and the interaction between husband and wife.

They were members of a Korean top boy group and a popular Taiwanese actor and host, and the two chatted secretly because of their work, but eventually broke up quietly because of distance and artist status . Twenty-three years have passed without news. In early 2022, after Gu Junye learned from the news that Xu Xiyuan was divorced, he made a phone call from Seoul without any expectations. After all, he has been 20 years. Unexpectedly, she didn’t change her phone number, they talked all night until dawn, and the story developed like this.

Big S (left) and Goo Junye face the media for the first time after their wedding, appearing on the cover of the October issue of a fashion magazine. (Courtesy of VOGUE magazine)

Seo Hee-won and her ex chose to break up peacefully after ten years of marriage. Da S also revealed for the first time that he has been full of fears almost every day since childhood, “I have all kinds of pressures and burdens on me”, Da S described himself as a soldier in the past to face every day, but in the After meeting Gu Junye, everything changed.

Big S (Xu Xiyuan) announced in March this year that she is getting married soon after reuniting with Gu Junye. This 20-year relationship has touched many people. And a series of photos taken by the couple for various fashion this time have also been exposed today, and the interaction between the two is natural and intimate.

In the magazine interview, both sides revealed the process of secret love, breakup, reconnection and reunion of the two people, which made people see that their story is more strange and romantic than the movie.

Goo Junye (left) and Xu Xiyuan wore shirts, suits, and suit pants for the cover photo. (Courtesy of VOGUE magazine)

Responsible editor: Xin Youan

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