Big S sent the mattress to the door of S Hotel Huang Zijiao was shot by Wang Xiaofei… Really helpless

Because Wang Xiaofei was sued by the big S, she wildly washed the Weibo version. Zhang Lan opened a live broadcast and kept yelling at the big S family with hot and sour powder. , naming Lan Zhenglong, Zhou Yumin and Huang Zijiao. Huang Zijiao attended the Taipei New Christmas Card Press Conference on the 23rd. When asked about this, he said helplessly, “It’s been 22 years since me and her family!”

S Hotel confirms that “Big S sent back a million mattresses” Wang Xiaofei: I burned it

Huang Zijiao was shot helplessly by Wang Xiaofei. (Photo/Reporter’s Photo)

Wang Xiaofei kept scolding Xiao S on Weibo, once accused the other party of taking controlled drugs illegally, and then named Huang Zijiao, “Then do I need to talk about your ex-boyfriend Huang Zijiao? It’s disgusting.” Post without content after In this regard, Huang Zijiao said that since breaking up with Xiao S, all interactions between the two have been on the stage, and there has been no private communication.

Wang Xiaofei’s mattress was “tailored for the spine of the big S” and changed more than 10…Incredible price exposure

After Wang Xiaofei sent a message asking to change the mattress, Big S moved the million dollar mattress he was thinking about to the door of Hotel S. When Huang Zijiao was asked what brand of mattress he had at home, he said he didn’t have any. He does not know, and his wife was in control. He thought for a while if he would want to buy a custom made cushion, “My wife’s spine is fine,” he explained with a smile, “I slept on the floor for a while, because I wanted to be with Yuanqi (the deceased dog), It’s just a soft pillow, I don’t know, do you like to sleep harder when you get older?”

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