Big script “Identifying all the deceased” … Support for funeral costs

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With the identities of all 155 dead, the government has decided to provide full-scale support for funeral and medical costs.

However, there was criticism that the preparation and content was poor, given the press brief of the main script.

By Kim Jae-kyung, staff reporter.

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The government has decided to pay up to 15 million won per person for funeral expenses to the victims of the Itaewon disaster.

Relief in the form of comfort money is paid up to 20 million won for the dead, and up to 10 million won for injuries, depending on severity.

In particular, it was decided to intensively manage the family of the deceased as well as those who were seriously injured by matching one-to-one with public officials.

[한덕수 국무총리]

“I think now is the time for subsequent measures such as funeral arrangements to be taken seriously. We will do our best to provide the necessary support by reflecting the views of the bereaved families as much as possible.”

The government pays the actual medical expenses first through health insurance so that there is no problem with the treatment of the injured.

We have decided to provide support not only to the injured themselves, but also for the psychological treatment of their family members, foreign victims, and those injured during relief work.

In addition, joint incense burners were set up in 17 cities and states across the country to receive mourners by November 5.

As it was unprecedented to hold an event without an organiser, we decided to review future improvement plans as there were no guidelines or manuals.

However, the joint briefing was rushed to the end by the related ministries who presented this information before all the questions and answers were answered, or before sensitive questions were avoided.


“There are no additional questions, so I will finish answering all the questions above.”


“Many questions have been asked, but did you not see the question you are currently attending?”


“This is a JTBC question. First, tell me why you didn’t take measures like one-way traffic, road management, and no subway stops.”

[김성호 행정안전부 재난안전관리본부장]

“Do I have to digest everything that came up?”

In addition, when Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said, ‘We are considering declaring the entire city of Seoul as a special disaster zone’, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security also said it was ‘first heard’.

This is Kim Jae-kyung from MBC News.

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