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On Tuesday (17th), female stocks god Wood (Cathie Wood) tweeted in response to the famous big short Michael Burry’s aggressive shorting of the Ark Innovation ETF.

As of the second quarter, Scion Asset Management, a hedging company owned by the well-known big bearer Michael Burry, has been shorting the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) of the female stock Cathie Wood (Cathie Wood).

On Tuesday (17th), the female stocks god Wood tweeted back: “It is commendable that Michael Burry made a very good judgment based on fundamentals in the past. He saw the disaster brewing in the mortgage market that year, but I don’t think he understands innovation. The fundamentals of the field, which are creating explosive growth and investment opportunities.”

Female stock god Wood (Photo: Wood Twitter)

Wood mentioned: “Most bears seem to believe that inflation will continue to grow, shorten investment horizons and destroy valuations. Although we think this is a short-term inflationary outbreak related to the supply chain, the stock and bond markets have been All have risen. If we are correct, GDP and revenue growth will decline until emerging technologies start to promote macroeconomic development.”

Female stocks god Wood tweeted back at Michael Burry's ignorance of ARK's innovative ETF fundamentals (Photo: AFP)
Female stocks god Wood tweeted back at Michael Burry’s ignorance of ARK’s innovative ETF fundamentals (Photo: AFP)

Wood said: “In this context, an investment strategy based on innovation should be different. In our view, the innovative technology researched by ARK Invest has already planted the seeds in the 20 years since the end of the technology and telecommunications bubble. It is brewing that these technologies will change the world in the next ten years.”

According to recent data from S3 Partners, the ARKK ETF was overweighted by the Air Force and vacated a record 12%, totaling more than US$2.7 billion.

The ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK-US) fell 1.66% before the deadline for the US stock market on Tuesday, and fell 7.67% year-to-date.


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