‘Big Soldier’ ​​gives certificates to ‘Nong Boss’, using his knowledge from the school, helping people line up to receive singing songs.

Certificates were awarded to the song “Rod. Rom Kraem”, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Air Force 24 ‘Little Boss Hero’ uses military knowledge to save lives

On September 19, Page, 24th Army Division, broadcast a live stream of the awarding ceremony of the certificate of honor to Nong Boss Prachya Jaiboon, 17, a Grade 5 student, Udon Phichairak School for helping fellow students who were fired by pumping the heart until he can bring his life back and has been praised by many sectors as a “hero”, who revealed that he uses his knowledge about pumping the heart from studying Dr. saves lives this time.

By Nong Boss, dressed in a military student (RD) uniform she received a certificate from Major General Sutpichayapong Suthirawut, the 24th Army Region Commander.

Then, Page Sorayut Suthatsanachinda, a news worker, said that the 24th Army Division set up a line of honor guards, singing the song “Rd. and gave a certificate to ‘Nong Boss’, which is the use of CPR first aid information from the Dr. military student course to be used to save the lives of people who have been electrocuted

In the clip, there is a picture of the time when Nong Boss is holding the certificate. He traveled with the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army 24, with the soldiers applauding and singing loudly.

watch a clip

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