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Taiwanese paparazzi Ge Siqi announced the start of work yesterday (28th), and even showed photos of Wang Xiaofei’s new sisters, emphasizing that what happened during the relationship with Zhang Yingying, I hope Zhang Yingying can think clear and take care of herself. Seeing this, some netizens curiously asked: “Was Big S’s third child aborted because of domestic violence?” Ge Siqi also responded, saying: “You’re too hot, it shouldn’t be so bad, but it’s hard to tell after drinking”.

Zhang Yingying dropped a shocking bombshell earlier this year, announcing that she had broken up with Wang Xiaofei, and even criticized Zhang Lan for playing double-dealing tactics, saying that she had chat records that could be made public, and Zhang referred Up also to dirty Zhang Yingying. trick on social networking sites, and then went crazy during the live broadcast The photos taken by the former daughter-in-law Da S and her junior high school Da S and her current husband Gu Junye are in a magazine even pointed out that the third child that Da S might not have conceived back then was Wang Xiaofei’s, which caused an uproar.

Ge Siqi responded to netizens. (Photo/repost from Ge Siqi’s Facebook page)

In this regard, Ge Siqi jumped out yesterday, saying that his family education was very strict when he was a child His mother warned him not to kiss girls casually, and even threatened him that kissing girls could make the other party pregnant change and throw out other photos of Wang Xiaofei’s nightlife, which shows that he and others The close interaction between the women makes Guschi sour: “Tell me! How can this man be responsible?! He didn’t learn his mother manners and respect towards him of the opposite sex when he was a child. No wonder he has to work so hard to make money!”

Guschi responds to rumors of domestic violence.  (Photo/repost from Ge Siqi's Facebook page)
Guschi responds to rumors of domestic violence. (Photo/repost from Ge Siqi’s Facebook page)

Ge Siqi even spoke for Big S, naming Zhang Lan and saying “things were absurd in 2018”, but he could not provide evidence. From the photos he took of Big S pregnant with her third child in 2017, it seems that there is only Wang Xiaofei around. He laughed and said, “You (Zhang Lan) must not be mistaken, this man has long hair on his head.” Netizens responded: “It should be played on the first day of the Lunar New Year.” Ge Siqi said: “Miss, it’s too cruel. I originally wanted to say that he is coming to Taiwan during the Chinese New Year. I want to do that. directly (question) him with the picture.” Some people said: “Kiss if you have a mouth.” Ge Siqi replied: “It is very funny for girls to say such things, and boys will be harassed when they say this.” netizens were surprised and said: “What? Big S was pregnant with a third child Why? Why do you still have children with this kind of person?”, “Because I didn’t find out then. He got the third child was aborted, and I made money with him on the show before my body and emotions recovered”, “I started working, so excited! Happy New Year”.

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