Big Tiger Column: SVT works!!!

By…Jay Ratchada “offer the truth in every investment” until the year 6date 20 March 2023

@@@ Thai stock market improves in line with world stock markets, indices INSTALL (Mar. 17) coming upturn off 1,563.67 point +9.02 point turnover 73,539.79 million baht

@@@ foreignContinually carrying stocks for sale, recently sold again -1,965 million baht, fundcome back to buy +1,809 Million baht, Port Trading Brokers -276 million baht and buy retail + 432 million baht

@@@ published by the governmentdissolve parliament effective March 20This was known in advance and inside 60 days … The real news came out. no impact on the stock market The broker gives less weight than the news in the United States, both watching the Fed. How much interest will be raised at the meeting on 22-23 This March or it will bebankwhere in the US will it befall again

@@@ during the campaignvote shares that arespeculative target it should be in political stocks – stocks related to politics or political capital of which there are few Aimed at the STEC building group of “Xiao Rat“, real estate shares from Pheu Thai COUNTY, SC the

@@@ news SABUY don’t hold shares SVT Almost 5%, pushing SVT stocks to rebound continuously, plus day 20-30 satang trading value 100-200 million baht per daywork in SVT, so … Sahaphat side, what to do??? With this game, open the door for the same business partners orestablish a fort …hehe

@@@ business P2P lending of the company Pier for All which is a joint venture between AQUA-NEWS Having kicked off on March 22nd, people have stocks still. need a loan StockLend By Nestifly can help

Sister Ratchada loves you all : Know the news before anyone, know fast, know deep

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