“Big Tu” asks people to set a high card, even Prof. Knocking to relax measures. Reduce the color space – Open the Test & Go register.

Government spokesman reveals that “the prime minister” asks people to “set high cards” despite Prof. Relax activities. Reduce the color area – open for Test & Go registration, add sandbox provinces, while the Ministry of Health prepares to reduce the warning level

Today (January 21) Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense also ask for cooperation of entrepreneurs People must comply with COVID Free Setting measures and protect themselves universally. Refrain from visiting high-risk places, regularly checking ATK. Ready to receive complete vaccination doses. and booster vaccines as well Or the entire orange area of ​​the country, leaving 44 provinces (from 69 provinces), 25 provinces surveillance areas, while the blue areas or tourism pilot areas remain 8 provinces as before, starting on January 24, which will relax activities in the colored areas. Som 44 provinces, restaurants both inside and outside of shopping centers, department stores, or any other places with restaurants can be consumed in the store open normally including adjusting preventive measures to control COVID-19 in the part of entering the Kingdom The system does not detain (Test and Go) starting February 1, 2022, allowing entry to all countries. but still need to detect infection by RT-PCR method 2 times

Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office added that The Prime Minister will consider the situation in all dimensions, including the severity of the disease. world situation domestic situation and cooperation of all relevant sectors In the past, the plan to slow down the epidemic was considered to be well controlled. Therefore, we must thank all stakeholders for cooperating. If the situation improves will consider reducing the warning level in the next phase, including recommending the CCC to relax the measures as much as possible and as quickly as possible In order for people to return to normal life, for the number of new cases today (January 21, 2022), the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 8,640, categorized as domestic patients, 8,445 cases, and patients from abroad. 195 cases, 138,267 cumulative cases (since January 1, 2022), 8,641 recoveries, 88,488 cumulative recoveries (since January 1, 2022), 82,720 patients undergoing treatment, 13 deaths, while vaccination services for COVID-19 Accumulated at 112,279,694 doses, 1st needle, 51,965,593 doses, 2nd needle, 47,987,881 doses, 3rd needle, 11,586,363 doses, 4th needle, 739,58 cumulative doses, with the latest in vaccination against COVID-19 worldwide. already 9,811 million doses in 205 countries/territories Currently, the latest global total injection rate is 37 million doses per day. and has a tendency to continually increase while the United States had the highest number of vaccinations at 529 million doses.



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