‘Big Tu’ is worried about how Thailand will live. Some parties are campaigning to increase welfare by 800 billion

“Big Tu”, some areas that are campaigning to increase welfare, spending 800 billion baht will be a burden on the budget. Ask where the money came from? How will Thailand survive? Ask the public to consider the truth.

February 7, 2023 – at 1:00 pm at Government House General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense When giving an interview after the meeting of the Cabinet (Cabinet) he expressed his concern about the budget for various issues welfare at the cabinet meeting. It is said to be increasing now and then. becomes a burden on the budget He told the Council meeting, be careful. because when increasing the welfare budget currently available in terms of government officials and the public Whether it’s education, school milk, which all cost a lot of money. And from the growing number of people, it has to be used again.

“But some parties have offered 800 billion, one party, they don’t know where they will get the money from. Having said that, to let people know that the government budget is available. Both have regular expenditure budgets. If all is used here and there, how can Thailand live?

In this regard, there are many things that we have done and have had some success. But we have to continue to fix some things in order to improve and improve We have done many things in the last 8 years in terms of structure, the law, which is a way of solving problems. All governments must do this. If this is not done, everything will go back to the way it was.

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