“Big Tu” orders officials to adhere to “Inspector Sua”, asking to extend the principles of justice: PPTVHD36

The Prime Minister reveals the case of “Inspector Sua” for officers to follow, point out and say anything. Finally the truth will come out. And the court will decide according to the judicial process.

Gen Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Defense Minister, mentioned the case of Pol.Lt.Col Wasawat Mukrasakul or “Inspector Sua” whose name was linked to an online gambling website. Move, post photos via personal Instagram which is a photo while in Turkey with a caption saying

“Thank you very much for free marketing. Please keep going.”

that the officers will investigate and follow up on their own Whoever said anything, say it. But in the end the truth will come out on its own.

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Who will deny that they are wrong? Or who will confirm that it is right? The court decides the principle of the justice process. Otherwise, the nation cannot live together.