‘Big Tu’ supports ‘Big Pom’ to meet Udon people and tell Isan people together they never forget Saying that I will stay until the full term

‘Big Tu’ supports ‘Big Pom’ on the ground to meet Udon people Say I love Thai people all over the country. Sweet doesn’t leave Isaan people. Lean in full semester

At 09.30 on December 1, in Udon Thani Province, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, together with Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Saksiam Chidchob, Transport Minister Suchart Chomklin, Labor Minister Suriya Jungrungruangkit. Minister of Industry, Songsak Thongsri, Deputy Minister of the Interior, and Atirat Ratanaset, Deputy Minister of Transport, traveled to Udon Thani province.

At the first stop, the Prime Minister and his delegation traveled to Wat Kesorn Silakhun. (Wat Pa Ban Tat), Ban Tat Subdistrict, Mueang Udon Thani District To check the progress of the construction of the Phra Thammawisutthimongkol Museum of Dharma Chedi (Luang Maha Bua) by Gen. Prayut and Gen. Prawit rides in the same car, Toyota Alphard, license plate number 5445, Udon Thani. General Prayut shows his love Gen. Prawit, with a supportive walk periodically.

When arriving at Wat Pa Ban Tat Prime Minister pays respects to the President Then pay homage to Phra Vajira Thammacharn. Reverend Father Sutham Suthummo, Abbot of Wat Kesorn Silakhun (Wat Pa Ban Tat) and Phrarajbhavana Vajirakorn (Luang Por Inthawai Santusko) Abbot of Wat Udommongkolwanaram (Wat Pa Na Kham Noi) by offering a flower krathong Thai Dharma Four Factories Before having a dharma discussion with the two monks, Luang Por Sutham Suthammo gave a book on the history of Wat Pa Ban Tat to the Prime Minister and his group.

Prime Minister said The government will have many developments, but everything will take time to continue. What can this government do? Even though many things are a problem, it must be done. which will be developed accordingly The government is ready to make everyone But there is only one problem, which is to create something that must listen to the voices of the people.

While the abbot of Wat Pa Ban Tat has asked the government to cancel the old road that is a public way that cuts through the temple. because it will become broken In addition, a new road will be cut to make it easier for villagers to travel. which the Prime Minister said will take the matter If there is anything to offer There are many provinces and agencies involved in receiving the matter. Must use relevant agencies and apply various laws If there is anything let me know with the conclusion that I am a native of Korat, a child of Isan, I do not leave Isaan people anyway.

Then Phra Vajira Thammacharn said It is a very auspicious day when the Prime Minister and his delegation visit Wat Pa Ban Tat. which was unexpected only seen in the media Today I saw the real thing.

Gen. Prayut also inquired about the age of the two monks. Phrarajbhavanavachirakorn said that I was 76 years old, while Phra Vajira Thammacharn was 72 years old, so the prime minister said that he was 67 years old before the two monks prayed to the Prime Minister. group by His Majesty the King gave a blessing General Prawit that I wish you good health. It is the mascot of the nation forever.

Then the Prime Minister walked to meet the people, relatives of Yom who came to the temple. The villagers shouted to encourage “Uncle Tu fights” ready to give roses Asked to take a photo with the Prime Minister as a souvenir. “The prime minister is fighting and asking to support General Prayut for another 20 years”

Before Gen. Prayut turns around, Gen. Prawit greets the people sitting in the pavilion happily, saying that it’s a pleasure to meet everyone here. have traveled many times Today, Phra Arjarn has encouraged the Prime Minister and Cabinet to continue working for the nation to be healthy which the blessings that have been asked to be sent to the people of Udon

“We are a country with many provinces. Whoever loves the province But we have to spread love to other provinces as well. because we are Thai people Buddhism is a religion that is in the middle way. We have to use teachings to translate and create understanding. Otherwise, it will not practice correctly. Thai people have 2 things to make merit with monks and temples. and help make alms and donate to others people who are poorer than us If you can, go to Thailand.

“The Prime Minister, as Isaan people together, never forgets. never leave Isaan will see that various projects have come down to the area If there is an opportunity to continue with other projects will be more successful The next day our children will be happy. Do it for your grandchildren today. The Prime Minister seized on this Many of which are stuck, some have to solve problems at the public level. If it can be done, it will be good and the result will be overall.” General Prayut said

On this occasion, Gen. Prayut suggested Gen Prawit told the people that “Today the deputy came together. You are responsible for solving poverty. including informal debt to the public.” The villagers asked to take a commemorative photo. with a shout of encouragement “I love Uncle Tu, I’m rooting for the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is fighting. Uncle Tu is here for you. and please do not dissolve the Assembly.” Gen. Prayut then said by dropping Khamwan that “I love you all, and I would like to leave it to everyone in Udon Thani.” Before the people said that they were encouraged by Uncle Tu. and shouted for Uncle Tu to stay for a long time, do not dissolve the parliament, which the Prime Minister has said Let’s look at your fingers first. 2 fingers are vaccinated. Thai Vaccine Victorian will win together. 3 fingers is I love you. The mini heart is a little heart that is given to everyone.

Gen. Prayut then continued to meet with the people, while Gen. Prawit split to meet with another group of villagers who came to support. Gen. Prawit thanked the villagers for their encouragement and asked everyone to support. Gen. Prayut to continue working. Confirm that this government has no arguments. and ready to continue working

While the villagers have asked the government to visit the Isan people often. The Isan area will be prosperous. There are villagers who respect the faith Gen. Prawit bowed to the ground, causing the security guard team to rush to support him.

after meeting people Prime Minister and committee to inspect the progress of the construction of the Phra Thammawisutthimongkol Museum of Dharma Chedi (Luang Maha Bua) by the villagers shouting to encourage “Fight for a long time, uncle.” for Gen. Prawit to make smiles with satisfaction

While General Prayut said Thank you to all Udon brothers and sisters. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. This gives the Prime Minister and government encouragement to continue to work for us. I would like to urge you to do whatever you want to be sustainable. The government is trying to solve the problems. But today the situation of COVID-19 Intervened, causing various budgets to be pulled, but I think that in 2022, everything will be better from around the world. The important thing today is to be careful of yourself from Covid-19.

“I would like to give encouragement to the people of Isan in every province to share what is called volunteerism, public mind. Think of others and we will benefit as well.”

Meanwhile, the villagers shouted to the Prime Minister to fight. General Prayut So let the villagers say accordingly “The Prime Minister fights, Udon people fight, Udon people fight with the Prime Minister, we have to fight problems together. We won’t leave anyone behind. And don’t leave the Prime Minister behind.” creating laughter for the villagers who came to support

However, before getting back into the car Gen. Prayut also said to the villagers that I will stay until the end. Thank you everyone.

For the atmosphere of field visits and security of the Prime Minister and his delegation on the same day (December 1), attendees must register via QR code. to receive an ATK test kit and to be examined through an inspection vehicle for screening before entering the job

In addition, police officers were deployed in the area and surrounding areas. Including the crowd control police (CF) about 1 troop and inmates control cars stationed in the area. But there have not been any reports of any protesters lurking in the area.


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