‘Big Tu’ thanked ‘Prawit’ for refusing to leave a political heir

‘Big Tu’ the political heir refused to point to the future As long as he is still doing his duty, Yan will do his best, thanks to ‘Prawit’ for visiting the flooded areas in many states. Don’t put up signs, don’t want to be a burden

October 3, 2022 – at 12:15 pm at the City Hall of the Ministry of Interior General Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense gave an interview after the meeting on flood control and assistance to affected people . And join a meal with the Gen. Anupong Paochinda, the Minister of the Interior came today to monitor the water situation. Have a meeting with the governor of each state and since the Ministry of Interior is responsible for the National Disaster Mitigation Center Today is to encourage each other while following the situation and listening to the forecasts.

However, the government is concerned and thanks Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister. who went down to visit the situation in the area and on October 4, he will go to the area of ​​Ubon Ratchathani and Khon Kaen provinces to see the situation before the event and ready to give encouragement Appreciate your work in the past. Including asking to encourage people and all officers from all sectors involved in solving the flood problem. which takes place in all parts of the country

General Prayut said that although many agencies have jointly analyzed the data Important predictive weather data that requires a contingency plan. Supports the case if there is another mass of pressure to enter. including finding a way to speed up the drainage from the flooded area and must find a way to minimize the damage as much as possible While government agencies must prepare measures and prepare budgets for help those who have suffered as soon as possible and generally for all sectors In addition, in the next step I have to prepare for floods in the North, Mid Wales, North East and South, so today we will do our best. Thank you to all Firstline Workers, Civilians, Police, Military, Business, Private Sector, Volunteers and Organizations. This is our country where everyone takes part in alleviating suffering and building each other’s morale. This is an important mission for all of us.

When asked what plans have been made to visit the area to meet and visit people? Gen Prayut said he had already prepared a plan. But we must look at the weather situation and we must also see if going to the area there and being a burden on other people as well because he did not want to be a burden on anyone We must lose this too. It’s about looking after the whole area.

With regard to the cases identified at the meeting, welcome plaques should not be erected. But if people want to encourage them, what to do? The Prime Minister laughed and said: In the past, he knew that many people always support them. Thank you very much. but let it not be a burden As long as they keep acting, they will do their best.

The reporter asked about the political future. After the Constitutional Court ruled that he would be Prime Minister until 68, with about two years remaining, Gen. Prayut, “The future is the future.”

When asked how to decide Because if you go ahead, it can only be 2 years, including adjusting the Cabinet that has news or will dissolve the House of Representatives. And are there any political heirs ready? because it looks like Gen Chakthip Chaijinda, former police chief, and Gen Apirat Kongsopong, former army chief, did not answer the question. Before walking into the car, smile sweetly and wave goodbye.

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