Big UN says Myanmar elections are fake Warns world to ignore succession of dictatorships – breaking news

Big UN says Myanmar elections fake warns world to ignore succession of dictatorship

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Big UN says Myanmar elections are fake – On September 22, Reuters reported that the UN human rights expert in Myanmar (Burma) has warned internationally against helping the dictatorial regime to inherit power. after preparing to hold an election which is seen as a sham election

The UN expert’s warning comes after the Burmese Army seized power from Aung San Suu Kyi’s government in February. 2021 previously announced the road map that general elections will be held in August. 2023 and the Burmese dictator said that India would help prepare elections in Burma.

Big UN says Myanmar elections are fake

Thomas Andrews, United Nations Special Representative for Human Rights in Burma (New York Times)

Thomas Andrews, a UN human rights expert in Myanmar, said the most important thing was that the international community would not be tricked into helping. about elections in Myanmar This will help legitimize elections that will be full of obvious scams.

Mr Andrews argues in favor of that view. The upcoming elections in Burma will never be fair because of the oppressive conditions of political groups that oppose the dictatorship.

A spokesman for the dictatorship said that he had consulted with different political parties about holding elections next year, but the dictator has not yet officially announced details and criteria.

Mr Andrews also expressed concern about the political madness and the fighting between the Burmese Army and the armed forces against the dictatorship. In particular, a helicopter attack on a school has killed 13 people, including seven students.

“The situation that is happening is a sign of a vicious cycle of violence that is coming and I am very concerned that this violence will get out of control,” said Andrews.

Human Rights Expert in Myanmar He also called on the international community to join in putting pressure on the Burmese dictatorship in a more systematic way. After the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) considered a new pressure measure proposed by the British authorities.

Mr Andrews said the new draft bill would never be approved by the UN Council. because some permanent members had to veto them

“Terrorism happens everywhere and it happens as if the world community is not aware of it. Or even if you know it, you don’t care,” Andrews said.

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