bigg boss season 5 updates, Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5: Male dominance will not happen here; I want to beat him and I will give it my all! – bigg boss malayalam season 5 third episode details

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 has reached its third episode. The last day, the first nomination was held in the Bigg Boss house. Nine out of 18 people have been nominated this time. Now the first weekly task of the house has also reached the contestants. But at the start of the weekly task, there is a battle between the contestants. The game is played as a team of two players each. The game consisted of selecting blocks as per Bigg Boss’s instructions and stacking them in the box assigned to them.

Saif and the nominees were in a team. Bigg Boss did not give any special instructions. Vishnu and Shiju were in a team. First, the fight took place between Vishnu and Reneesha. During the task, Katta Vishnu, who was holding Reneesha’s hand, took her and ran away. But meanwhile Vishnu grabbed Reneesha and pushed her. Reneesha asks who are you to touch my body. Later, other competitors intervened in the matter. Serena said Vishnu is walking around after a long time saying it is screen space. With this, Vishnu apologized to Reneesha.


Vishnu Joshi as a powerful contestant in the fifth season of Bigg Boss Malayalam

Sagar and Gopika are a team. Meanwhile, Gopika removed the block from Akhil Marar’s frame. Akhil says to return their block. Akhil tells Gopika that if I don’t give Katta to Maryada, I will see my selfishness. Gopika said she took two blocks. Akhil Marar speaks loudly when he gets angry. Meanwhile, Lachu tells Akhil to speak politely. Meanwhile, Sagar Surya says the game should be played logically. Finally, everyone comes together and calms down Akhil.

Anjus Rosh, Serena, Manisha, Shiju and others calmed down the scene. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss asked who has got more blocks. Manisha says Aniyan Mithun and team and Akhil Marar and team won the most blocks. Shobha says there is ethics in the game.

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Gopika says there is no such ethics in Bigg Boss. Gopika says she can play the game however she wants. Gopika says her only aim is to defeat Akhil Marar. Gopika tells Junais that Akhil Marar is showing male dominance here.

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