Biggest guy, bruised, dating his girlfriend for 3 months, borrowed 3 million, knew he was deceived but still made a mistake

A 53-year-old man was befriended by a girl to the point of being his girlfriend. claim to inherit land Scammed to borrow money 3 million. Recently, I knew I had been deceived but still missed to give another 2 hundred thousand.

(26 Jan. 65) At 5:30 p.m., Mr. Thanakorn, 53, filed a complaint with the investigating officer at Saensuk Police Station, Saensuk Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chonburi Province. to prosecute the way Miss Juthamas, 37 years old or female, charged with fraud along with bringing evidence that has been spoken in the online world that has borrowed money to conduct land ownership transactions and borrowed to walk about bringing the title deed to borrow money with the bank And will bring back a total of 3 million baht, and there is also a CCTV clip capturing the car that led Ms. Jutamas to escape after contacting them to borrow another 2 hundred thousand baht after claiming that will take the title deed to pay off the debt But in the end, when I got the money, I escaped to turn off the phone and couldn’t contact

After that Mr. Thanakorn Has brought reporters down to the area of ​​Saen Suk Subdistrict, 2 kilometers from Saen Suk Police Station, where Ms. Juthamas pretending to be a grandmother’s house by taking the same car and then took the money from him in the amount of 2 hundred thousand baht in order to take the title deed with his grandmother to pay the debt and have to wait outside Because Grandma doesn’t like to bring men in until after a while she sees a sedan drive out. expected to be a scam Moreover, this house is not known to Ms. Juthamas as well.

Asked Mr. Thanakorn that Ms. Juthamas came to befriend him until he became a lover, but after 3 months, during July 2021, Ms. Juthamas come and tell them Inherited a valuable land from the grandmother but had to bring the amount of 3 hundred and fifty thousand baht to make the transfer, so they gave it away, but after 1 month, borrowed another 3 hundred thousand baht to go to the bank for a loan claiming to be able to borrow up to 10 million baht, therefore having to pay bribes to the employees After that, he kept referring. in going to take the title deed to the new bank because the old bank cannot borrow Until now, borrowed up to 3 million baht and disappeared, although it was agreed that all the money would be taken. to be used by January 10, 2022

until last this morning I have come to deceive and borrow another 2 hundred thousand baht and run away So he knew that in the past he had definitely been deceived into reporting. in order to prosecute to the end If he did not return the money in the past, Wang Dee tried to borrow money from other people. In the end, he had to be pursuing his own bad debts.



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