Biggest massacre in the history of the DF is clarified; delegate explains chronology

“Each victim was killed with a different amount of cruelty, including the children.” Conclusion of the survey reveals the chronology of the biggest slaughter ever recorded in the DF. Delegate believes it is one of the most barbaric crimes in recent history of Brazil

The Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) detailed this Friday morning (27) the massacre that killed 10 people from the same family in recent weeks. This is the biggest massacre in the history of the DF.

In addition to determining that the dispute over land valued at R$ 2 million was the reason for the series of crimes, the agents highlighted the timeline of the murders.

According to the investigation, the first fatal victim was the father-in-law of hairdresser Elizamar da Silva, Marcos Antônio Lopes de Oliveira, 54 years old. The man had an extensive criminal record and a friendly relationship with one of the criminals, Gideon Batista, whom he met at the Papuda Penitentiary Complex while he was in prison.

Marcos Antônio was killed on December 28 of last year, during a false robbery attempt on his farm. Gideon was at the scene and also pretended to have been surrendered by the bandits, who, in fact, were his accomplices.

The 10 victims of the massacre:

1. Elizamar Silva, 39 years old
2. Rafael, 6 years old (son of Elzimar)
3. Rafaela, 6 years old (daughter of Elzimar and twin sister of Rafael)
4. Gabriel, 7 years old (son of Elizamar)
5. Thiago Gabriel Belchior de Oliveira, 30 years old, husband of Elizamar
6. Marcos Antônio Lopes de Oliveira, 54 years old, father of Thiago
7. Renata Juliene Belchior, 52 years old, mother of Thiago
8. Gabriela Belchior de Oliveira, 25 years old, Thiago’s sister
9. Claudia Regina Marques de Oliveira, ex-wife of Marcos Antônio
10. Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira, daughter of Marcos and Regina

Crime timeline:

December 28th: Marcos, his wife, Renata, and their daughter, Gabriela, are surrendered at the farm. The man tries to react to the alleged robbery, he is shot in the back of the head. That same night, the family is taken to captivity in Planaltina-DF, where Marcos is quartered and buried in one of the rooms.

January 4th: Marcos’ ex-wife, Cláudia, and his daughter, Ana Beatriz, are lured into captivity by a message sent by the bandits on Marcos’ cell phone. They are also surrendered.

January 12th: Elizamar, her husband, Thiago, and the couple’s three children (Rafael, Rafaela and Gabriel) are also attracted to the place by messages. The man is the first to arrive, while the wife and children are surrendered in the evening. Elizamar and the children are killed during the night.

January 14th: Renata and Gabriela are taken out of captivity and taken by car to the city of Unaí, in Minas Gerais, where they are asphyxiated and charred to death in a vehicle.

January 15th: Thiago, Cláudia and Ana are transported from captivity to an area near a cistern in Planaltina, where they are stabbed.

The criminals:

1. Horacio Carlos Ferreira Barbosa
2. Fabricio Silva Canhedo
3. Carlomam dos Santos Nogueira
4. Gideon Batista de Menezes
5. Carlos Henrique Alves da Silva, the “Galego”

Motivation of crime

The slaughter was motivated by the dispute over a land, valued at R$ 2 million. According to the delegate in charge of the case, Ricardo Viana, the criminal group acted to try to dominate the farm where part of the murdered family lived.

In addition to part of the dead family, Gideon Batista de Menezes and Horácio Carlos also lived on the farm — both arrested for planning the massacre.

Gideon and Horácio Carlos told the investigators that they were employees of Marcos Antônio Lopes de Oliveira and that they wanted to sell the farm afterwards. The plan would be to murder the entire family to take possession of the property.

Criminals began planning the slaughter in October. On the 23rd of that month, they rented the captivity where they would keep the victims. In December, Marcos Antônio’s ex-wife, Cláudia Regina, sold a house for R$200,000. Thus, the criminals’ plan also involved the rest of Marcos’ family. Criminals were interested in amounts deposited in victims’ bank accounts.

“Always in the actions of burning bodies and taking them out of the DF, Carlamam, Horacio and Gideon were present. Fabrício was taking care of the captivity”, added the delegate of the case.

The execution of the plan lasted 18 days. For the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF), the perpetrators of the massacre form an armed criminal association. “Each victim was killed with a different level of cruelty,” said Police Chief Ricardo Viana, who believes it was one of the most barbaric crimes in Brazil’s recent history.

Police have not ruled out sexual violence against the women held captive. Two of them were held by the criminals for 18 days, the other two stayed for 14 days.

Prisoners Gideon Batista de Menezes, Horácio Carlos, Fabrício Silva Canhedo, Carlos Henrique Alves and Carloman dos Santos Nogueira will answer for a series of crimes whose combined sentences can reach 340 years in prison for each one. However, in Brazil, the maximum length of stay in jail cannot exceed 40 years.

The victims:

The criminals:

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