Bikes transform and tear through the streets : Nattu Visesham

Thodupuzha: Motor vehicle to prevent vehicular accidents in the area Hanavakup and the police held a two-day meeting and 25 vehicles were seized. Breaking the law while converting only yesterday 12 superbikes were caught in connection with May. The inspection was today in the city of Thodupuzha and the surrounding areas.

Very fast, no heat exchanger plates and HSRP heat exchanger plates. Most of the seized bikes are unused. Many people have ridden the bikes with the fenders on and off

Because of this, the situation was unrecognizable even if a photograph was taken. Along with an indicator, a mirror on both sides and a mudguard. They were also untied. All the safety measures were in place when buying the vehicles The officers said why the bikes were running along the line.

The bike must be adjusted and used to avoid accidents Unused bikes with rear foot included In the mouth.

Those driving without a license will be fined 16,000 rupees. Other offenses will be subject to fines as per law. Enforcement said RTO. For bikes that do not use HSRP number plates the rest is the motor vehicle and the R plates are bought and installed by the owners. New employees have received the following measures.

Showroom of vehicles flagged for violation Udayo has also started the process of centrally listing The passengers said. Again these are the vehicles that are caught for breaking the rules once, and the officers also explained that the fine will be doubled if they do that.

Enforcement RTO PA Naseer, Assistant Moto R. Vehicle Inspector Binu Kurappalli, Officer Ajay, NISA R. Hanifa and Ramdev gave leadership.

Crimes are heavily punished

Thodupuzha: Direction of Divisional Commissioner Gatagatha S. Sreejith According to Prakaram, the new two-wheeler comes to reduce bike accidents. Super speed, shape change and Hanang competition started in Nia. A special drive called Race was held to find to upcoming crimes. As part of this, there will be fines for breaking various rules. Impounded vehicles are held in custody until the restoration work is carried out

5000 in case of unauthorized vehicle modification, Rs 3,000 for not displaying the correct plate artificially, the race was run 5000, license suspension, violation of road safety norms Rs 1000 for unwritten offenses and Rs 10000 each for persons without license A fine it will be raised.

Protect vehicle owner as per court order for child drivers The master will be fined 25000 rupees and up to three months imprisonment.

The modifications include adjusting silence, tires and handle. , Mud guard not caught in road safety related offenses Removal of tum saree guard and installation of new safety plates Steps to be taken against fake vehicles T will.

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