Bill Gates’ Corona Prophecy… After passing Omicron, the next

Bill Gates: Coronavirus will be similar to seasonal flu
“Omicron has strong propagation power, but it contributes to the formation of immunity”

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft. / Photo = Yonhap News

Microsoft (MS) co-founder Bill Gates predicted the passing of Omicron, a new variant of COVID-19. He predicted that when the Omicron epidemic is over, COVID-19 will be similar to the seasonal flu.

In a Twitter Q&A with University of Edinburgh Professor Death Thridha on the 11th (local time), Bill Gates said, “After Omicron passes through a country, there will be far fewer confirmed cases of COVID-19 for the rest of this year.” 19 will be seen as a seasonal flu.”

The remarks were in response to questions about when and how the pandemic will end, whether Omicron has shown that it can live with COVID-19, or whether another dangerous mutation will emerge during the year.

Some experts believe that Omicron is dangerous, but because of its rapid spread, enough people have developed natural immunity. This means that the pandemic could turn into a much less severe endemic (endemic) stage.

Bill Gates said, “Omicron will form a lot of immunity. At least for the next year.” It is pointed out that Omicron can contribute to the formation of herd immunity as it spreads over the next year.

“However, until the formation of herd immunity, Omicron will nurture confirmed patients with strong transmission power,” he said.

“It is unlikely that a mutation more contagious than the omicron mutation will appear,” he said, but he did not rule out the possibility.

Daeyoung Kim, reporter at [email protected]

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