Bill Hader: Time Traveler? Star Comedy SNL has been killed for over 150 years! [PHOTO/VIDEO]

Bill Hader: Time Traveler? Star Comedy SNL has been killed for over 150 years! [PHOTO/VIDEO]
  • Bill Hader is finally exposed to Death Time Travel.
  • The famous man from 1865 is the same Hader Bill we know today?
  • Bill Hader goes into the big Hollywood stages with people like them Nicolas Cage and Marilyn Monroe living.

Bill Hader is one of the most funny and popular actors in the show business today. But just 15 years ago, many Hollywood people didn't know about his many talents, including stand-up comedy, comedy writer, vocal actor, celebrity actor, comic performer and a really dramatic actor.

How one man does so young Bill Hader (It is alleged that it is just 41 years of age) learning the skills needed to be a concentrated, high-quality entertainer that delivers at the level seems to be over its years?

Is it as Death Time Travel?

It seems to be the only reasonable explanation of Hader's incredible talents, which is only learned during the normal life cycle of less than 100 years. Of course, there are exceptions, but there has never been a verifiable case for anyone, man or woman, who lived over 120 years. Especially in the show business. Let's face it, George Burns he was almost not doing his birthday party and Bob Hope He spent his last days trying to get out of his misery.

But, if any water is consistent with this theory (emerging as we speak), Bill Hader has been around for at least 153 years. Maybe even more.

Looking closely at the photo ratio alongside, it is clear that Bill Hader is very similar to a man built in 1865, during the early days of photography. Indeed, it is easy to explain the fact that they are both one and the same! And they both seem to have the same shirt. Only to pass through Time Portal can only ensure that cotton pulse, long sleeve so good after more than 15 decades of washing and continuous and punitive wear.

And, if additional proof is required, Hader showed his skill-time, like recent time travel in a YouTube video, which proved that he was able to morph at a hat and “become another famous celebrity (Tom Cruise, Seth Rogen, etc.) by instant transformation and voice impression.

Check it:

Who else but who Death Time Travel who might expect to remove that trick that is blowing out? Except for, maybe, Nicolas Cage? Remember “Face Off“? No? Well, that's okay. You can take our word on it.

But, in the case of a man who is “self-emitting” (get it? NUMBER? Quite smart, huh?) Bill Hader appreciates his consideration. It would not reveal itself as Time Traveler if it had been incorporated earlier but a loser was interfering with Matthew Brady's dry cleaning man, the apparent error of judgment. Immortal Vampire Nicolas Cage He fell to. No, Bill Hader certainly made, more than 150 years ago, that he was a very famous man for his own time, and just as he was looking for as he is today.

There would be no other Lewis Powell, one of the conspirators in the assassination plot of Abraham Lincoln who was not surrendered by anyone other than the Hader Bill for his day, John Wilkes Booth.

Therefore, creating a great and decisive proof that Bill Hader, Bill Travel Time Travel, after a dead to spend a long, long time, loooooong.

What does you think?

Has Bill Hader the person who seriously disrupted US Secretary of State, William H. Seward, back in 1865? Has he traveled to the present day to escape the bad publicity received from his inadvertent deeds since then? Should Mike Pompeo look over his shoulder right now?

Please let us know below!

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