Billie Eilish thanks her fans for returning to her concert

The popular saying dictates that after the storm comes calm… and with it an unforgettable night for the more than 51 thousand people who decided to return to the Foro Sol, one day after the Billie Eilish show was postponed and became part of the history of Happier Than Ever: World Tour.

After the rain and air conditions did not allow the show to take place on Wednesday, the young woman made it clear that she cares about her fans and in CDMX she was not going to leave them disappointed, so she clung to appearing in front of them. , what happened yesterday at seven and 20 minutes in the afternoon when he appeared in the Foro Sol.

With a sonorous introduction with serious percussion and a dance of white strobes, Billie Eilish began to warm up her Mexican audience. With a sudden jump, the 21-year-old singer appeared with her characteristic outfit of a shirt, cap, baggies and tennis shoes to give life to Bury a Friendwith which the evening began.

Illuminated in red tones, Billie walked along the catwalk installed in the middle of the people who were in the general zone A of the Foro Sol and thus with her casual attitude she was directing the voice to her fans who followed her in I Didn’t Change My Number.

From the stands of Foro Sol, on the ground and in the area closest to the stage, it seemed that the stars had decided to come down and shine, so the fans’ phones recorded each movement of Eilish, giving a touch of light to NDAa dark pop theme that emerges from the album that gives its name to the tour.

Billie, at her young age, is an expert on stage. His minimalist but creative production where a ramp becomes a road, a walkway that lights up in different shades, a central screen that divides or merges with the ramp, were just some of the elements that accompanied the originally from Los Angeles.

“Thank you, Mexico City, I’m very dry, how are you?, crazy yesterday, how many of you were here yesterday?, I want to thank you for coming back today so we are going to have an amazing time. How are they up there, here in front, those in the back? Today we are all going to have fun, ”Eilish launched, joking about the rain that hit the capital of the country on Wednesday and forced her to postpone her show, just to give voice to My Strange Addictionwhich was chanted by his followers.

Yesterday the raincoats were not the main image that was seen among the public, but there were many who decided to wear them as a precaution, wet hair was not a recurring thing either… yesterday the girls were able to show off their hairstyles with pigtails, braids and even the same shades that they have worn by Eilish in her musical career, like green.

Idontwannabeyouanymorea single from his EP with which he debuted Don’t Smile at Me y Lovelywhich was the main theme of 13 Reasons WhyNetflix series, made the public shudder.

“They have been very tired nights but we are finally here, now I want you to jump”, to which the public responded by shaking the foundations of the Foro Sol. “Now I want you to raise your arms and move them”, a request that was fulfilled by the fans of the californian “And now I want you to scream”, and they did. “That’s the energy I want for the rest of the night,” Eilish launched as if it were a rule to follow that was followed while they played. You Should See Me In a Crown y Billie Bossa Nova.

GOLDWING it became the moment in which the public and the artist interacted in such a way that the Foro Sol became a box of white light that moved to the rhythm that Eilish marked with the theme and with the movement of the arms that everyone imitated while the Cell phones lit up the place.

Xanny led the audience into a moment of quiet only to have Oxytocin —containing an extract from Copycat— made the public not hesitate to jump making the structure of the stands dance with it.

While the Foro Sol stage is enormous in size, Eilish has no problem filling it. All attention is focused on her and the public reacts to every movement, word and gesture of the singer who with The shape it kept the energy going at the top.

“Mexico City, I love you and I am very happy to be here with you. I want to introduce you to my brother Finneas.” Billie said, drawing an ovation from the audience. Finneas is the other creative part of the project that began in his parents’ house room, so they couldn’t help but applaud him too, and thus, together the brothers gave life to I Love You y Your Power.

“How do you feel, I missed you guys, I’ve only been here once in Mexico and I feel like we were friends for a long time”, was how the Californian remembered her only visit to CDMX in 2019 as part of the Corona Capital Festival and performed TV.

It was then that Billie surprised her fans. The girl left the stage while an excerpt from her short film Not My Responsibility, was projected on the screen; She, escorted by her team, entered the track through the side of the stands to reach an audio tower where there was a box with a crane that she climbed on and somehow be able to be closer to the public, who went crazy when they saw her and decided to sing. with her Overheated, Bellyache y Ocean Eyes.

This is how topics like Bored, Getting Older, Lost Causes y Bitches Broken Hearts that took Eilish’s fans on a journey of emotions that did not wait to be noticed between shouts and ovations.

But it was then that Billie invited her audience to leave their cell phones for a moment and be with her in the place, breathe and realize what exists in their lives, like this with the first chords of When The Party’s Over the public joined the Californian who was already preparing the grand finale of the day.

Con All The Good Girls Go To HellEilish lit the stage again with red lighting that took her straight to hell, only to make way for Everything I Wanted and close with worldwide success Bad Guy y Happier Than Everand delight their fans in their first show at the Foro Sol.


  • Billie received a Simipeluche and a Mexican flag from the public, with which she wrapped herself in the last song.
  • The concert was in sold out (60 thousand people) for the original date but many people could no longer return yesterday, which was rescheduled.
  • One hour and 40 minutes of show
  • At the end and before leaving the stage, he returned to collect some of the gifts that were thrown at him, including his stuffed toy.
  • This stretch of Happier Than Ever: World Tour it closes in Guadalajara on April 2 and resumes the new dates until August.