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‘Billionaire’ Kim Kardashian Appears on Mamamoo’s Hwasa on SNS?… why

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[이데일리 이선영 기자] Kim Kardashian, a fashion and beauty businessman from Hollywood star, is attracting attention by posting a picture of Mamamoo member Hwasa (real name Ahn Hye-jin) on her social networking service (SNS), which has 260 million followers.

On the 27th (Korea time), Kim Kardashian posted a picture of Hwasa sitting on the sofa and resting her chin on her Instagram story. Fendi is wearing a collaboration outfit and posing. It seems that Kardashian posted this on social media to see if she liked Hwasa’s sophisticated look in her own brand’s clothes.

(Photo = Kim Kardashian Instagram capture)

Previously, Kim Kardashian wore lingerie, bodysuits, and padded jumpers in collaboration with designer Kim Jones of luxury brand Fendi and underwear brand Skims, which she runs, as a model.

Kim Kardashian’s assets such as ‘KKW Beauty’ and ‘Skims’ that she launched are estimated to exceed 1 trillion won. He was also listed on the list of billionaires by Forbes magazine.


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