Billkin gives away the brilliance, releasing the latest trending single “MR.EVERYTHING”!

After the release of the teaser song “MR. EVERYTHING” it went out in no time, causing the fans to say the same thing. “Pee Kin is so cute that his heart hurts” because the choreography and music conveyed by Billkin (Bukkin-Puttipong Assaratanakul) made everyone’s hearts melt together. Get ready to welcome a festival of happiness. ready to give away brilliance with the release of the latest single “MR.EVERYTHING” for the fans of Billkin Entertainment has warmed the heart

In this song is Bukin’s 3rd single, which talks about the feeling of wanting to take care of special people in every way, the way people who love them do. Whether it’s morning, late afternoon or evening, it’s called no matter what time it is. MR POPETH This person is always at hand. with a music sponsor like B-Quik, a complete auto service center Let’s join together to create warmth at the end of the year.

This song, instead of LIPTA, came to act as a producer as usual. after collaborating in the song “Let’s get back together (Please)” In this song still keeping the tone of POP SOUL music style, according to Buikin’s style, filled with an atmosphere of happiness. More especially when Billy AKiN helps organize this song into a more flashy and contemporary soul. Including in the dryer section that recorded every piece of sound live, the more it helped to fill it put music part Have fun and get more fills. and in this music video Song-Sasawat Lertrit to take the role of a director ready to present Bukin’s MR.POPETH in the atmosphere of Christmas in Santa Bukin wants to take care of someone special And ready to send happiness to everyone, along with cute dance moves preparing to hit the top again

And Billkin said, “The single “MR.EVERYTHING” is a POP SOUL theme with a disco twist. Have more fun The content is about being careful. It’s all for her I feel it’s a song that goes with the end of the year. which I want to pass on to everyone There was a happy and fun atmosphere, and the atmosphere when entering the recording room was very fun, I felt that everyone enjoyed each other a lot. and the specialty in this single is coming back to work with Pee Tan again I feel that I am not disappointed at all. after changing the question His elder brother was dressed in particular. Personally, it’s fun every time I learn something new with him. The more I work, the more I feel he’s a particularly good person. For the song “MR. EVERYTHING” is end of year song. It’s like my year-end gift that I want to give to everyone. However, I would like to request everyone to follow this song and MV as well. Thank you very much”