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Binance launched Proof of Assets last night and announced the cold wallet addresses of six mainstream tokens including BTC, ETH, BSC, BNB, and TRX. CZ promises to complete PoR proof of reserve for all assets as soon as possible, and says they have no debt.
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addAfter the liquidity crisis broke out on the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, major exchanges jumped out and said they would provide a more detailed “Proof of Assets” or “Proof of Funds PoR” to stabilize investor confidence in assets that have u stored in central institutions. At 8 pm yesterday (10), the official website of Binance, the largest exchange, officially launched the asset certificate page.

At the same time, Binance has first announced the cold wallet addresses of six mainstream tokens such as BTC, ETH, BSC, BNB, TRX, etc., and said that a more detailed audit report will be released in the future to publicize all of it. data for investors:

Our goal is to make better investment decisions by educating users about the status of Binance assets.

Details of assets currently held, and promise to complete the audit as soon as possible

According to CZ’s earlier tweet, including the cold wallet address issued by Binance, the current total real holdings of Binance are about 475,000 BTC, 4.8 million $ETH, 17.6 billion $USDT, 21.7 billion $BUSD, 6 100 million $USD and 58 million $BNB.

Additionally, CZ represents a more sophisticated hash tree in order to complete the next step faster (Merkle Tree)Proof of PoR Funds, Binance is considering finding other auditors:

We are currently waiting for the “Proof of Funds” to be fully completed, waiting for a trusted auditor, but it seems this process will take several weeks and may I would consider looking for someone else.

In view of Binance’s quick response, most of the community gave positive comments. And when someone asked about Binance’s debt, CZ even said oppressively: “We don’t have any debt.”

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