Biography of Pok Piyathida Mittheerarot

Piyathida Mittheerarot Or Piyathida Woramusik was born on June 22, 1975, she has 2 siblings, she is the youngest and has an older sister. graduated from primary school Khemasiri Memorial School High School of Arts – France from Satriwittaya School and bachelor degree from Faculty of Humanities Major in English, Master in Chinese Language, University of Thai Chamber of Commerce Currently drama sir on channel 31

Biography of Pok Piyathida Mittheerarot

Life in the entertainment industry Lyrics meaning: Pok Piyathida She started in the industry by playing the female lead in Moss Patiphan Pataweekan’s music video in the song Klok Klok. Soak a little, a little too much he performed with Job Nithi and another drama on Channel 3 that made his name Who owns this land, along with Andrew Gregson, also received an award. The 2008 TV Award winning Asian actress from the drama Nang Tas was well received by the role of Dr. Wikanda from the play Mia Luang in giving the job Actor in the role of Mia from the nation as well

Personal life Lyrics meaning: Pok Piyathida married to Tak Naphatsaran Mittheerarot in 2012, but they have no children together. Both of them have the same opinion about not having children. Pok is a talented actor that everyone wants to work with. Seen as a girl with a cute face, Ming Ming, Pok is considered the star of her friends when there is a party. Pok will never lack for fun and excitement. Pok is also interested in cooking and baking, leading her to study seriously at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit.

TV series


  • Talon’s journey as Ploy Karat, Channel 5


  • A little absorbing, a little glimmering, like Panontee / Pan, Channel 3
  • We flew like Pannatee / Pan


  • rot rot rot rot playing Duang Jai Khim Rak as Khimthong
  • Prisoner as Yuphadee
  • Who is this country for the role of Darunee Chitsaat (Nee)
  • Sam Num Nuethong as Arunsri Trisathaporn (Aew)


  • A small prapaeng like Pang
  • Cupid game as Manika

year 2000

  • Kaew Klang Dong as Myawaddy
  • There is only love like Jidapha / Chao Kha
  • Royman as Sainang Akharat (B)

Year 2001

  • Sudchaijai as Montira
  • Pinprai as Channel 7 Pinprai

Year 2002

  • Hansa Beach as Noi
  • Kontathip as Naree

Year 2003

  • The new female hawk as Passari/Pat

year 2004

  • Sister-in-law, Mae Ya Hian as Orakamon Sirirungrote (Orn)
  • Ruenjai’s nephew as Kornphin / Phin

Year 2005

  • Mong Daeng as Nisa / Mong Daeng


  • Jai Deaw as Saowarot


  • Cuckoo lake as Penpitchaya
  • True Love Saab Lai as Chomjan


  • Nang Tas as Khunying Yam

year 2009

  • Mia Luang as Dr. Wikanda Panpakorn (Wi)


  • This house in Bangrak as Iyada Manowattana (Oey) on Channel 9


  • Sweet orange, sour sugar like Nayika / Teacher Nai Channel 7
  • Talad Arom as Bongkot Wiphayothin on Channel 5
  • Lieutenant Opas, the master of the mystery case, as Sunee / Wipha (Guest) Channel 9

Year 2012

  • 4 generations 4 busy The Series as Chonlada / Nei Mr

Year 2013

  • Phan Rak, Plan Bad as Mom Luang Nophadara as Sivawong on Channel 5
  • GTH SIDE STORIES: Makin as Pan Chong Wan
  • Fai Huan as Khunying Manee, Channel 7
  • Is Hatthakrongpipop as Khunying Sri
  • The Boy in the Shadow as Wanida on the ThaiPBS Channel


  • Office Syndrome Gamerisaya TheSeries as Pattamon Dejrungruang, Workpoint Channel


  • Surisaya as Panchalee Siriwattanachai Chongwan


  • Gamerisaya part 2 OfficeSyndrome TheSeries season 2 as Pattamon Dejrungruang, Workpoint Channel


  • Ploengkritsana about Cupid’s forest as Rumporn Sahachacha (Pintuwat) on GMM 25 channel


  • Friday Club Series 9 One Love That Never Dies: Rak as Ping’s Hidden Love
  • No Sanaeha like Nongram (Nong)
  • Father Jomsa as Thip Kesorn Donyai Plub (Thip)
  • Mai Mai as the director
  • Mask Kaew as Rachawadee Mongkhonsilp (D) / Namthip (Surgery) Chong Wan

Year 2019

  • Return to the dream day as Pimchat / Nueng / Maprang on PPTV Channel

Year 2020

  • Bangkerdklao as Suksom Iamboonchai on Amarin TV Channel
  • Gibbon’s Awakening: Very complex as Piangkwan on GMM 25

Year 2022

  • Roy Rui’s charming episode Think Different as Pan Patravadi Channel
  • Khun Chai as Lee Chong Wan


year 2004

  • Phi Chong Air The Sisters as Saeng Dao


  • Laddaland The Lost Home as Tremio with the Saharat Sangkaprecha

Year 2012

  • Love never ends, motherland (Episode Like Eyes from Heaven) as Kru Kobkul (Film Chaloem Phrakiat) Her Majesty Her Majesty the Queen)
  • Together Wan Rak as Nuan with Saharat Sangkapreecha/Nopachai Chainam

Year 2013

  • Inspector Mad Dog, Inspector Mad Dog as Molthiwa, paired with Somchai Kemglad


  • Memories Letters Timeline as Matt with Nopchai Chainam

Year 2020

  • Pak Still Missing as Phit

Organized Series

All series work as an organizer Klomkhom Productions Co., Ltd.


  • Tee Yai Dap Dao Choi, actors Somchai Kemglad, Ratchachanon Ruenphet, Nopchai Chainam, Channel Mono 29


  • Jai Jai and Kaigun Actors: Preeti Barameanan, Naphatsaran Mittheerarot, Natcha Jeka, Napassaraunt Mittheerarot
  • Tee Yai 2, the machine crashes, actors Somchai Kemglad, Pramote Saengsorn, Ratchanon Ruenphet, Colonel Wanchana Sawasdee, Pete Peera Nopachai Chainam

music video

  • Song Klok Klok Artist Patiparn Pathaveekan
  • Song: Lonely Night, Artist Phusacha Donavanik
  • Song Kham Rak by Artist Puscha Donavanik
  • Love each other song by Patiparn Pataweekan
  • Song The event has not changed by Artist Thanaporn Wakprayoon
  • Mahataphai song by Wichayanee Piaklin
  • Song Stop Breaking Up New-Jewish Artist
  • The best song in the word Best artist Phon Phon
  • Getsunova Artist Due Date Song


  • wife’s corner list
  • List of secret codes
  • Love over the screen
  • Items Press to hunt to grab money.
  • List of bonus games
  • little cooks list
  • Respond with honor
  • List of Mueang Samran
  • List of Top Chef of Thailand
  • Junior Chef of Thailand
  • Thailand’s Masterchef All Stars programme


  • Music cannot be discouraged
  • music waiting


Year 2002

  • She received the 21st Mekhala Award, Outstanding Lead Actress, Pinprai Award

Year 2005

  • Star Entertainment Awards 2004 3rd time, Outstanding Social Contribution Actor

year 2009

  • Royal Institute of Praise Year 2008 Outstanding Thai Drama User (actress)
  • Sixteenth Choice Awards 2009 Two Sixteenth Star Icon


  • 7th Kom Chad Luek Award, Best Actress Genre: TV series, drama, Mia Luang

Year 2012

  • 9th Best Leading Actress Starpics Awards 2011
  • 24th Mekhala Award, Mani Mekhala Leading Female Award
  • Entertainment Critics Association Thai Film Awards 20th Best Actress Laddaland
  • 21st Suphannahong National Film Awards, Best Actress

Year 2013

  • 10th Kom Awards Chad Luek, Best Supporting Actress Film Category, Receives Together Award
  • 22nd Suphannahong National Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Together Wan Rak
  • 21st Thai Film Awards Entertainment Critics Association Best Supporting Actress Together Wan Rak
  • The 7th Nine Entertainment Awards, Actress of the Year
  • HAMBURGER 13th Birthday Party 1 in 13 Best Covers Ever 2003


  • Mthai Top Talk about 2015 The most talked about actresses are the hand of the world


  • 31st Royal Surasawadee Awards, 2018, Popular Female Celebrities (from voting results)

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