Biography of Zheng Qiu Hong

Zheng Qiuhong (Zheng Qiu Hong) or Jade Zheng (Jade Cheng) Chinese singer and actress, born on November 25, 1990, in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. After graduating, she worked as a pre-school teacher. In 2011, Zheng Qiuhong took part in the competition. Happy Women from the station Hunan Satellite TV In the competition, he won second place in the Guangzhou area and ranked 37th nationwide. In 2012, Zheng Qiuhong released his first single titled East Coast In 2014, Zheng Qiuhong participated in the competition. Chinese Dream Sound Season 2 oh Dragon TV and won 6th place in the national finals

in 2015 Zheng Qiuhong (Zheng Qiu Hong) has been chosen for the lead role in the drama A Full House in a Happy Town A series co-produced by China and South Korea. This series is her first acting work and is like a card for her to enter the acting industry. A peerless girlr In 2020, Zheng Qiuhong made her first film appearance with the film Royal Kitchen in Qing Dynasty And in the year 2023, Zheng Qiuhong has a performance of Please Be My Family


television works

Year 2018


Year 2019

  • Unique Lady as Lin Luo Jing
  • Unique Lady Season 2 as Lin Luo Jing
  • From Survivor to Healer as Jing Ran
  • My Mowgli Boy as Chu Shi / Zhu Shi / Cat

Year 2020

  • Fairyland Lovers as Lin Xia / Xiao Zhou
  • Unique Lady Season 3 as Lin Luo Jing

Year 2021

  • Escort Maid as Yue Zi Yuan
  • Youth Song as Yao Di Zhu

Year 2022

  • Eat With Love as Su Ke Lan
  • Discover Romance as Xiao Ya

Year 2023


  • Full House as Lin Lin
  • 100 Reasons Not to Be a King like Ou Yang Yan
  • Eternal Mind as Gongsun Wan’er
  • Yu Xiang Rou Si Wo Xiang Ni
  • Ni Xi Zhi Tou Xin Qian Jin 第西 Jian Qiu / Xia Mo


Year 2020

  • Royal Kitchen in Qing Dynasty as Wan Zhen Gege

television programme


  • Even God of Song Season 1

Year 2017

  • Leave My Baby Season 2

Year 2019

Zheng Qiu Hong’s weibo

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