‘Biohazard Village’ to be released on May 7th

Capcom held a showcase to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of’Bio Hazard’ on the 22nd and announced that the new’Biohazard Village’ will be released on May 7. Along with this, the latest trailer video will be released and pre-order will begin on the 22nd.

‘Bio Evil Village’ is the latest work in the’Bio Evil’ series, and was planned as a sequel to’Bio Evil 7′. A few years after the tragedy at Baker’s mansion, Ethan Winters, who spends peaceful days with his family, is kidnapped by BSAA (Biohazard Safety Assessment Association). After that, in order to get back his beloved daughter, the story contains a story about meeting a mystery in a village with an old castle.

Launched platforms are PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam). Among them, from the 22nd to the PlayStation 5, a trial version of’Girl’ will be provided first, in which a girl other than the main character Ethan escapes the castle. This spring, trial versions will be available on other platforms.

The price of the package is 7990 yen for the download version (about 85,000 won) and 8789 yen for the package version (about 94,000 won). The Collector’s Edition, which includes figures and art books, costs 31669 yen (about 338,000 won).

If you purchase’Bio Evil Village’, you can play the multiplayer battle game’Bio Evil Lee: Bus’ for free. ‘Bio Evil Lee: Bus’ is a game in which all the popular heroes and enemies of the series such as Jill and Leon appear in battle.

Reporter Seo Dong-min of Game Talk [email protected]

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