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2019 radiology nucleusSeth Megginson is looking at the 2019 2019 Tournament Anthropology.


1 Duke v 16 Iona / Central North Carolina (Colombia, SC)

8 Iowa 9 UCF (Colombia, SC)

5 Auburn v 12 Liberty (San Jose, CA)

4 Kansas v 13. UC Irvine (San Jose, CA)

6 Buffalo v 11. VCU (Tulsa, OK)

3 LSU v 14. Northern Kentucky (Tulsa, OK)

7 Louisville 10. Utah State (Des Moines, IA)

2 Michigan State V 15 Montana (Des Moines, IA)


1 Virginia v 16 Fairleigh Dickinson (Columbus, OH)

8 Seton Hall v 9. Inle Miss (Columbus, OH)

5 Iowa State v 12. State of New Mexico (San Jose, CA)

4 Wisconsin v 13. ODU (San Jose, CA)

6 Maryland State 11. Arizona State / NC State (Tulsa, OK)

3 Houston v 14. St. Bonaventure (Tulsa, OK)

7 Oklahoma Wofford 10 (Columbus, OH)

2 Kentucky v 15 Colgate (Columbus, OH)


1 Tennessee v 16 Gardner Webb (Colombia, SC)

8 Syracuse v 9 Minnesota (Colombia, SC)

5 Kansas v State 12. St. Mary's (Hartford, CT)

4 Virginia Tech v 13. North East (Hartford, CT)

6 Marquette v 11 Oregon (City of Salt Lake, UT)

3 Texas Tech v 14 Harvard (Salt Lake City, UT)

7 Cincinnati v 10. Ohio State (Jacksonville, FL)

UNC v 15. Christian Abilene (Jacksonville, FL)


1 Gonzaga v 16 State of North Dakota / Prairie Scene A & M (Salt Lake City, UT)

8 Baylor v 9 Washington (Salt Lake City, UT) t

5 Villanova 12 Murray Murray (Hartford, CT)

4 Purdue v 13. Vermont (Hartford, CT)

State of Mississippi v 11. St. John / TCU (Jacksonville, FL) t

State of Florida v 14. Georgia State (Jacksonville, FL)

7 Nevada v 10. Florida (Des Moines, IA)

2 Michigan 15 Bradley (Des Moines, IA)

The Final Four:

  • State of Arizona
  • St. John
  • TCU
  • NC State

First Four Out:

  • The Temple
  • Texas
  • Belmont
  • Alabama

Automatically Qualified: Christian Abilene, Bradley, Buffalo, Colgate, Duke, Dickinson Fairleigh, Webb Gardner, Iona, Iowa State, Liberty, Montana, Murray State, New Mexico State, North Carolina Central, North Dakota State, Northeast, Northern Kentucky , Old Dominion, Oregon, A&M View Prairie, St. Mary, UC Irvine, Utah State, Vermont, Villanova, Wofford

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