BIOOHAZARD RE:4 Released March 24

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(Tokyo, March 24, 2023 PRNewswire=周年物利) On March 24, ‘BIOHAZARD RE:4 (Resident Evil 4)’, a remake of the original 2005 game, was officially released. Reimagined to deliver cutting-edge survival horror in 2023, BIOHAZARD RE:4 retains the essence of the original game while delivering modernized gameplay, a reimagined story, and highly detailed graphics to bring the latest players in current survival horror experience.

BIOHAZARD RE:4 was released on March 24th

BIOHAZARD RE:4 delivers more thrilling horror and action than ever before, digging deeper into the original game’s intentions. By using a wide range of character actions, different gameplay strategies can be explored. Life and death, fear and catharsis intersect inextricably in this excellent survival horror game, providing a unique and exciting experience for new players as well as seasoned fans of the series.

In addition, the release date of the popular free DLC expansion ‘THE MERCENARI’ has also been confirmed.

Skill practice aimed at high scores

Not only that, you can also download a free demo version. In BIOHAZARD RE:4 Chainsaw Demo, you can preview not only the polished graphics, but also the tension and excitement that players can experience in the full game. Also, players can enjoy the Chainflow Demo without any time limit or number of attempts.

So why not try the demo version first?

– Additional Information Chain Flow Demo

Finally, comic short animations produced by Nippon Animation, a Japanese animation company, can also be viewed online.

Leon and Ashley seem to be dancing happily without a care in the world, but it looks weird for some reason.

Don’t miss out on all three episodes and watch them all.

Product Name: BIOHAZARD RE:4
Supported platforms: PlayStation(R)5, PlayStation(R)4, Xbox Series X/S, PC (Steam)
Number of Players: 1
Publication date: 24 March, 2023 (Friday)
Rating: If released in Taiwan or Australia, the product description must indicate the rating. (download the graduation marks from below link).
Question: (c) CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2005, 2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Official website:

Download the main Korean image from the URL at the bottom of this article



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