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Yesterday, the four major US stock indexes were all in the red, Feiban rose 3.03% Taiwan stocks opened higher today. Electronic weight stocks took a break and moved to financials and shipping to support the market. In the end, the wider market 66.34 points and closed at 14,608.54 points. The trading volume may shrink, less than 190 billion yuan.

Today, the Taiwan dollar exchange rate is about 31.222 yuan. From the perspective of capital flow, the proportion of electronic transactions is still below 60%, reaching 58.66%, and the proportion of chemical, biotechnology and medical transactions has increased to 11.79 %. Ethnic groups, an increase of 3.5% and 1.74%; relatively disadvantaged groups are paper making, oil, electricity and gas, with a decrease of 0.54% and 0.3%; in terms of chips, foreign investors bought more than 2.129 billion today. , buy over 416 million today.

Analyst Chen Xiufang of Arima Investment Consultants observes from a technical point of view that the short-term moving average still presents a multi-faceted structure. The next quarterly line will gradually decline, and the quarterly line may have a chance to level off . an index has a high probability of maintaining range-related fluctuations; OTC trends are more weighted today, and today’s biotech and optoelectronics medical have the biggest gains of 3.35% and 2.12%, and the semiconductor and information services groups are major decliners, with declines of 0.45% and 0.16 %.

Analyst Chen Xiufang made further observations of the stocks, saying that the biotech and medical stocks are one of the few groups that have stood above all the moving averages, Lamex (1795-TW) whose stock price has reached a new high. shipping blood cancer drugs in the United States and the high gross profit, it has attracted buyers to enter, and the stock price has risen strongly to the daily limit.Heyi (4743-TW) There is evidence gathering entered the countdown. Mothers 4128-TW) rely on their son’s precious posture, and both hit the daily limit today. In addition, Taikang Biotechnology (6589-TW), Baoling Fujin (1760-TW), Changsheng (6712 -TW) also more than 5% today. In the future, we can continue to pay attention to the placement of stocks with relevant themes and expected revenue in November.

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