Bird recounts an incident that many people do not know. on the day of graduation

Bird, Nida’s watermelon lover, tells the date of the watermelon graduation that she broke the plan after accidentally giving a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her success.

Although it has been a year since the death of the former famous actress “Watermelon Nida”, she is still a good memory of friends, brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry and fans. Especially the lover outside the industry “Bird Technique” who posted a picture of a watermelon girl on Instagram. Reveal cute moments in the past often

latest Bird posted on Instagram @stonerbkk reminiscing about the day Watermelon received his degree and said “Congratulations @melonp.official There is a story that.. buy flowers and take them to the shop. When he came, he invited her into the shop to buy her water and bring her flowers that had been deposited in the shop. but forgot to take a picture of the flowers in her story It will be a surprise for her.
#greenmanmelon #stonerbkk #sweeteyessociety”

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