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Sandeep, the local secretary of the CPI (M) in Peringara, was shocked by the demise. Dear comrade, who was the darling of the natives and the party, was sent home with tears in his eyes. The birthday present that his wife bought for him was a picture of Sandeep on top of Sandeep’s body.

Sandeep’s birthday was on Saturday. Sunita’s wife kept a red shirt as a surprise gift for her birthday. Before the funeral, they placed it next to the body. Those who saw Sunita could not comfort her as she could not bear the pain.

The mourning procession started from Thiruvalla Taluk Hospital after the postmortem and was attended by thousands of people in various places. Four accused have been arrested in the Sandeep Kumar murder case. Jishnu, Nandu and Pramod from Peringara and Mohammad Faisal from Kannur were arrested. Jishnu is a former office bearer of Yuva Morcha. Defendant Jishnu met Mohammad Faisal in jail. According to the police, personal animosity was behind the murder. The CPM had alleged that RSS workers were behind the killings but the other three accused were not linked to the RSS. One more person is yet to be arrested.

All the arrested are members of gangs. He has already been in jail. Sandeep was hacked to death by a group who reached his bike on Nadu Road at around 8 last night.



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