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Bitcoin 40 million won Ethereum 5%↑ – Maeil Economic Daily

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is being traded at 40 million won per day.

As of 8:15 a.m. on the same day, on the domestic virtual currency exchange Bithumb, 1 bitcoin was priced at 4,747,000 won, 1.85% lower than 24 hours ago.

The price of Bitcoin once exceeded 42 million won at 5:30 am the previous day, but it fell slightly after 12 noon and stayed at 40 million won this morning.

On other exchanges, Upbit, 1 bitcoin costs 4,742,000 won.

Unlike stocks, virtual currencies are priced on a per exchange basis, so even the same type of virtual currency has a slightly different price depending on the exchange.

The price of Ethereum with the second largest market cap is currently 2.634,000 won and 2.635,000 won, respectively, on Bithumb and Upbit. This is more than 5% higher (based on Bithumb) than the day before.

Dogecoin is trading at 293 won (based on Bithumb), down about 3%.


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