Bitcoin is the only winner in the SEC and cryptocurrency conflict

[블록미디어]Yahoo Finance has published an analytical article stating that Bitcoin is the only winner in the cryptocurrency conflict with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The SEC took legal action in the belief that a number of digital assets traded on the Coinbase and Binance platforms should be classified as securities and registered with the organization.

However, he sees Bitcoin as the “big exception.”

Swan Bitcoin executive Stephen Lubka made it clear that the SEC does not consider Bitcoin a security. “I am very confident that this opinion will not change,” he said.

Swan Bitcoin CEO (Cory Klippsten) showed a chart where Bitcoin bounced back after a sudden fall, suggesting Bitcoin’s strong resilience and upside potential.

Swan Bitcoin CEO Tweet Still

Bitcoin proponents, including Jack Dorsey, stressed that Coinbase should focus its attention on Bitcoin again.

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