Bitcoin Price Drops Beyond $20,000 Again Traders began to lose hope.

It appears that in the last few minutes, Bitcoin has been trading below $20,000 and there is no sign of any further increase.

Bitcoin’s price has seen a drastic correction today, leaving many crypto traders in a state of exhaustion and exhaustion. It has dropped to an intraday point below $20,000 once again.

The BTC/USD chart from Tradingview reveals that Bitcoin has briefly rallied above the $21,000 level on Coinbase, leading many to think the crypto market may have turned bullish. But it seems that all hope is lost today.


As of press time, Bitcoin is trading at $19,911, hitting a low today of $19,869 on Coinbase.

The last time the price stayed at this level was on June 20, when it climbed to the $20,000 level after it crashed to a low of $17,500 on that date. 19 Jun. ago

However, no one knows exactly where the bottom of the Bitcoin price is, but what we do know is that in just 8 months, the Bitcoin price has dropped more than 75% from its all-time high.

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