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Bitcoin, stock price decline… Nexon Kim Jeong-joo lost 2 trillion won

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[이데일리 김나리 기자] It is reported that the assets of NXC (Nexon holding company) CEO Kim Jeong-joo, the founder of the large domestic game company Nexon, have lost about $1.9 billion (about 2 trillion won) in assets as the share price declined with the collapse of bitcoin this year.

CEO Kim Jeong-joo (Photo = NXC)

According to Bloomberg News on the 28th (local time), CEO Kim’s net worth was estimated at about $8.1 billion. This year, about 1.9 billion dollars has been reduced.

The main reason for the decline in assets was a fall in stock prices. Nexon’s Japanese subsidiary, which was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan, fell 21% after a recent earnings announcement revealed that its net profit would decline. According to the analysis, the game use has increased thanks to the increased “zipkok” since the spread of Corona 19, but the demand for games will decrease again as some containment measures have begun to be lifted by vaccination.

In addition, it is diagnosed that the cryptocurrency, which recently plunged greatly, also affected it. CEO Kim purchased $100 million in Bitcoin through a Japanese subsidiary last month. However, Bitcoin plunged more than 38% from its peak last month. As of 6 a.m. that day, it was traded at around $34,000.

In addition, CEO Kim previously acquired Corbit, a Korean cryptocurrency trading site, and Bitstamp, another cryptocurrency exchange in Luxembourg, through Nexon.

Bloomberg News reported that CEO Kim’s assets could be further reduced following the bitcoin crash.


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