Home Entertainment ‘Bitkub’ gives ‘Bitcoin’ to Miss Universe Thailand 2021. ‘MUT NFT’ received better than expected response.

‘Bitkub’ gives ‘Bitcoin’ to Miss Universe Thailand 2021. ‘MUT NFT’ received better than expected response.

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“Bitkub” presented a prize of “Bitcoin” 100,000 baht to Miss Annchile Scott-Kemis, the winner of the crown contest. “Miss Universe Thailand” for the year 2021

after the contest Miss Universe Thailand 2021 ended on October 24, 2021, and the winner of this year’s Miss Universe Thailand crown is: Miss Annchile Scott-Kemis with outstanding beauty and able to answer questions that please the judges and audiences across the country

in this regard Mr. Jirayut Supsrisosopha Founder and CEO of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd. represented the Bitcoin Group, presenting a prize of 100,000 baht in bitcoin to the winner of the contest. This is the first time in the world that Bitcoin has been awarded to a beauty pageant.

Mr. Jirayut revealed, “Our support to the Miss Universe Thailand pageant this time is due to the theme of the ‘Power of Passion’ contest, which is consistent with the company’s belief that if we have a passion for something. something We just do it every day intentionally. small act of people who believe in one thing can change the world

This stage is also a stage that promotes Supporting the talent, potential and status of women to enter the world stage Ready to pass on confidence and be a thought leader to the new generation of women and people in society as well.”

Mr. Passakorn Pannok Chief Executive Officer of Bitkub Blockchain Technology Company Limited, the person behind Miss Universe Thailand 2021 NFT Collectible Cards or MUT NFT, revealed that

“This is an unexpected trend. For the NFT card acceptance, which on the first day, Bitkub NEXT wallet applicants waiting to collect more than 12,500 NFT cards, and in the first distribution of 6,020 NFT cards, they were all sold out in 2 hours. Some rounds are distributed within 25 minutes and in the final Over 20,000 NFT cards were queued after the queue opened within 2 minutes.

In addition, the favorite collectible cards are auctioned amongst thousands of card collectors. This reflects how we’ve succeeded in making this seemingly inaccessible technology through the use of Gamification and Entertainment. That makes enjoying products based on blockchain technology is no longer a distant thing.”

In addition to the winners of the Miss Universe Thailand 2021 contest will receive a prize of 100,000 baht worth of bitcoins, the four runners-up will also receive a bitcoin prize. It is worth the following First runner-up, Ms. Tarina Botes, received a bitcoin prize of 50,000 baht, the second runner-up, Ms. Nantiya Suwansawaeng, received a bitcoin prize of 30,000 baht, the second runner-up. Miss Kasama Suetrong

and fourth runner-up Miss Pimnara von sur Mulen Received a bitcoin worth 20,000 baht and Ms. Sarinthorn, Catherine Branston or Lara, who won the Golden Tiara from the speech round, can win a special prize from the female Miss Future Thought Leader Bitcoin. A thought leader of the new generation and the future world. Receive a bitcoin reward worth 100,000 baht.

Miss Chanya Wisetsiri Director of Brand and Communications, Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd. and is also one of the committee for selecting contestants in both the first round, the black room round, the preliminary round. And the finals have concluded that
“By joining as the main sponsor of this year’s contest, Bitkub has been very successful in terms of brand awareness that can reach new customers in a wider circle. In particular, the female beauty pageant audience and the LGBTQ+ community were interested in and inquired about subscriptions on the affiliates’ platforms. both in the NFT segment and the digital asset market.

As well as many requests to learn more in the Bitkub Academy section, live broadcasting through the TrueID application. And the PPTV television station has a rating higher than 1.774 and has 364,966 online live views, a total of 951,126 views and a maximum of 166,226 people watching simultaneously.

It does not include reviews via online media of more than 30 beauty influencers, all of which talk about various activities for beauty queen fans with Bitkub. Makes people more interested and have a positive attitude and trust in the Bitk brand.

From now on, Bitkub still has great activities waiting to be done with TPN Global and CROWNEX, which are companies of the contest. as well as many other beauty pageant community groups Especially during sending Ann Chile to win the crown of Miss Universe, the third crown, back to Thai people. in the contest in Eilat Israel Please follow up.”


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