bitter mouth To hide a dangerous disease or not? | An overview of the health system

when ill Many people have bitterness in the mouth. In fact, this symptom is a warning sign of which disease?

One of the most common symptoms When I feel sick, I feel sick. It’s a bitter mouth, a bitter throat. Some people will feel that the taste of saliva is disgusting and bitter in the mouth. Eating food is not good. in fact a bitter mouth also hides some diseases tooAssistant Professor (Special) Dr. Siam Sirintornpanya, Head of the Internal Medicine Digestive Diseases Department at Rajavithi Hospital He told Hfocus that the bitter taste in the mouth actually arises for a number of reasons. It can be a result of eating certain foods. Some people have symptoms related to oral health problems that are not clean. In some cases it can be caused by stress, but this factor is still unclear. Taking certain medicines can also cause bitterness in the mouth, such as antiseptics and iron, but the most important and most common disease is gastroesophageal reflux disease.

“For acid reflux that causes bitterness in the mouth, it is not the acid itself that causes the bitter throat. But caused by bile from the small intestine, it regenerates, causing bitterness in the throat to observe his own body. the time of the symptom If there is a sour taste in the mouth or throat It will be caused by acid reflux. The bitterness in the throat is caused by the bile.” Assistant Professor (Special) Dr Siam He said that Gastroesophageal reflux disease will have symptoms that must be observed, including nausea, vomiting, heartburn, or vomiting.

Assistant Professor (Special) Dr Siam Emphasize that if the bitterness of the mouth is very bitter with a more serious condition a doctor must be seen to check if there is any hidden disease? The doctor will check for oral health problems. What is the history of regular drug use, diet, or does the body regenerate bile? If yes, be careful about the digestive tract. There may be a wound or something blocked. The bile cannot get out of the intestines. There may be problems with the biliary tract, which require a thorough examination. How is the blood result? An additional ultrasound may be performed, however, if the symptoms are interfering with daily life. The body must be observed and other important symptoms must be seen, such as loss of appetite, weight loss, inability to eat, severe vomiting Severe abdominal pain, fever, age over 50 years can be at risk. There are some diseases that can be hidden. The concern is Oncology

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