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BJ Cheol-gu’s wife Oe Jil-hye “Don’t be afraid, if you do, you eat well and live well”

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[아시아경제 최은영 기자] While BJ Cheol-gu is at the center of controversy over the late Park Ji-seon and comedian Park Mi-seon, his wife, BJ Oe Jil-hye, responds, saying, “It gets quiet anyway. Then, I eat well and live well.”

On the 4th, Oe Jil-hye performed a live broadcast on Africa TV. The broadcast on this day was followed by questions from netizens about her husband, Cheol-gu, who recently caused controversy through inappropriate words and actions. Then, Oe Jil-hye said to the netizens, “Don’t tremble. You said Park Mi-sun.”

He said, “I’m trying to do something anyway, but if you do, I’ll eat well and live well. Don’t do it. It’s okay to do it. It’s okay. .

Also, regarding Cheolgu’s real-time search terms that day, he responded, saying, “How do you do the real-time search? It will be quiet anyway.”

Oe Jil-hye continued the sermon with netizens while mentioning the controversy on the broadcast that day, showing a somewhat furious attitude.

Earlier, on the 3rd, Cheol-gu was controversial when he heard BJ Aegyo-yong say “It looks like Hong Rok-gi” during a live broadcast on an African TV channel. When viewers protested, they said, “I’m talking about Park Mi-seon,” but even after that, “Is it okay if Park Mi-sun is okay?”

In response, Park Mi-sun posted a photo of the ironball-related article on Instagram the next day and criticized, “Who are you? Let’s look and talk in the mirror before pointing out my appearance. I go through all kinds of things in my life. I have a brain to think and talk.” Currently, the article has been deleted.

Rather than reflecting on the wrongdoings, netizens are reacting to the appearance of their wives, who are rather embarrassing.

Intern reporter Choi Eun-young [email protected]


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