BJP to ensure Rajinikanth’s support; Amit Shah intervening? | Amit Shah | Rajinikanth


Chennai: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has stepped up his efforts to secure support for actor Rajinikanth after the BJP-Anna DMK alliance in Tamil Nadu was resolved. He had a three-hour long discussion with RSS ideologue S. Gurumurthy about the superstar’s moves. The BJP aims to win the star’s public support in the elections.

Gurumurthy met Amit Shah late at night. It is learned that Gurumurthy had also visited Rajinikanth before this. The BJP’s move is to ensure Rajinikanth’s public support in the next elections as the party’s announcement is delayed. However, reports say that the actor has not given any assurances in this regard.

At the same time, apart from resolving the issues of the Anna DMK-BJP relationship, there were also preliminary discussions on seat-sharing. The BJP has demanded 40 seats. Of these, 25 seats may be vacated by the Anna DMK. The two parties, which had been fighting each other for seven months, decided to continue the alliance, much to the chagrin of the political establishment. Prior to the meeting, Chief Minister Edappadi K said that the alliance would continue at the government function. Announced by Palanisamy. It was only when the Chief Minister made the announcement that even the senior leaders of the Anna DMK came to know about it.

English Summary: Amit Shah discusses Rajinikanth factor with RSS ideologue Gurumurthy in Chennai



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