Black background of Virginia, Democrats ask to resign


Patrick Hope said, Mr. Virginia Hope said late Friday that he would give investigation articles to Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax Monday "if he has not resigned before." (February 9)

Lt. announced Gov. Justin Fairfax on Sunday's political collision course with a state delegate called a little out of his own party who promised to submit bets on April when the Democrat refused to resign 39 years.

Fairfax is one of three largest Union political leaders in tackling a cloud of fire. Ralph Northam and the Attorney General Mark Herring, also the Democrats, took root roots by the 1980s, and had repeatedly been accused of sexual assault at Fairfax.

Del said. Patrick Hope is the state constitution "clearly that there should be clearance for crimes and misconduct. There is no question that violent sexual intake is clearly eligible as high crime."

Law professor of the University of Richmond, Carl Tobias, said the House could clear on Fairfax because the GOP was "a little poor".

"Fairfax is disregarded, it is still unclear whether the Seanad would be convicted," Tobias Prepared the United States. "There is a need for a two-third vote, which may depend on the evidence offered."

Fairfax reiterated his innocence on Saturday and his intention to stay in the office. He asked "currently a space for the proper process" and an FBI investigation. The FBI refused to comment.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is accused of refusing sexual assault. (Photo: Drew Angerer, Getty Images)

The Fairfax statement came one hour after the democratic party's party came to the crack of calls for its resignation. Chairman Susan Swecker, in view of the "credible nature" of the latest claims against Fairfax, "it is clear that the duties and responsibilities of his job can not be fulfilled."

Virginia Legislative Black Caucus also asked Fairfax to reduce the degree.

Fairfax, who emerges on Northam if the ruler resigned last week of a sexual assault by a former counterpart in the National Democratic Convention in Boston in 2004. Fairfax strongly rejected the charges Vanessa Tyson, a professor of political science at Scripps College in California.

Applicants of the second accuser of Fairfax, Meredith Watson, continued a statement later that Fairfax said she raped while they were a student at the University of Dice in 2000. Watson said she would be happy to give evidence at a hearing impeachment.

Despite the resignation of the candidates, Hope is only promising impeachment. He is probably a fifth term delegate from Arlington, among the most liberal areas in the state. Hope, a healthcare lawyer and a married father said three, "As a father through a young girl, I can not stand quietly."

There is only two weeks left in the legislative session and the regulator is also fighting to keep his job, so it was not clear how long the change will go on to the hope.

The allegations against Fairfax came to light days after a photo from its surface from the Northam page in a 1984 medical school year showing a male in their fingers standing with a Ku Klux Klan dressed man. Originally, Northam acknowledged that he was in the photograph, and he refused then but acknowledged that he was using a preliminary impression with Michael Jackson in a dance competition in the same year.

Northam rejected widespread calls for his resignation. Voting at the Washington Post and Schar School at the University of George Mason suggested that 47 percent of the Women wanted Northam to resign, while 47 percent said he should stay in the office.

His first interview since the scandal reached, Northam The Post said on Saturday that he was "too reactive" by placing a statement on the blame on the picture. He said that "an independent investigation" is taking the picture at the West Virginia Island Island.

Northam said he wanted to focus the rest of his term on racial equality.

Great Friday in Virginia & # 39 ;: Ralph Northam accepts a dark scandal in the first interview

"This was true, I think, to be a challenge for Virginia," he said by post. "Raise the level of awareness of racial issues in Virginia, so we're ready to learn from our mistakes."

Shortly after the first impetus against Fairfax, Attorney General Mark Herring, 57, Democrat, volunteered to appear on the surface of a party at the University of Virginia in the 1980s.

Contribution: Doug Stanglin; Christal Hayes

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