Black Bears Conversations: Playing in West Virginia

Black Bears Conversations: Playing in West Virginia

GRANVILLE, W.Va. – For most of the players West Virginia Bears every year, the season they play in Granville is the first time they encounter in West Virginia's condition.

I sat down with couple players for the Black Bears Conversations final story, and I asked them to play in West Virginia.

ETHAN PAUL: “It's beautiful, it's greener than I thought it would be. Really hilly. And, of course, I was never in West Virginia, but the town itself is really scattered. And (Morgantown) a beautiful town alone. I really enjoyed driving around and seeing the town, and being able to meet the people here, and just getting to know the landscape and stuff. ”

“I love it here. It really exceeded my expectations. I didn't really know what I was going into there, but the people out here are awesome. They were all very nice, around the city and things. And I couldn't ask a better host family too. They were great people to stay with them. ”

Blake Sabol, external man Black Bears

ETHAN PAUL: “The back-axis is very nice. You look out and you see a university in the background, and all the trees and things. It was good fun here. It is a great atmosphere. From what I can see, the type of university around the sports teams here, and this is certainly like Nashville and Vanderbilt. So it was so nice to see. Although the class is not in session you see the billboards, and there is only that atmosphere. And people want about the sports, and things like that. That means a lot to be here. ”

Lake Cheat (Photo by Ryan Decker / WBOY) t

SABOL PROGRAM: “We don't have so much free time during the season, but there was a day out where we went out to Cheat Lake. We built a pontoon boat out there. There was lots of fun. We had to spend a day in the sun. However, a few people got out there. I think a couple are still recovering from some sun burns. As long as you have good time and experience here, we are doing that. ”

JARED TRIOLO: “Probably the field. It is a nice play surface. And the fans certainly. They usually pack this place well enough, so it's great to be in front of them. ”

“Base-one-A, the main fan you do not always have the atmosphere is intense. And here we have up to 1,000, maybe more, every night. So, there was lots of fun to play in front of a few fans who appreciate the professional foundation, which you like through good evil. You can not always find out that each level you lose goes to you, so I definitely lose. ”

Ethan Paul

Mascot of Black Bear Cooper gives a hug to fans at an earlier game this season. (Photo by Ryan Decker / WBOY)

SABOL PROGRAM: “I'm sure I'll lose everything here. I feel that everything about the future story is awesome. I have good co-operatives that I get well with. And it was great fun. ”

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