Black Friday Deals 2022: Razer Mouse Sale, Basilisk Ultimate Revisits US$60 Base Price


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Many gamers have always loved the Razer gaming mouse, not only because of its good performance, but also because of its colorful RGB lighting effects. Among Razer’s Black Friday sale, the most impressive thing is the Basilisk Ultimate wireless mouse. This time it touched the bottom line of US$60 again. Products with discounts.

Basilisk Ultimate

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate has the ideal functions for most gamers, including 11 programmable keys and 14 customizable Faith Chroma RGB light emitting areas. You can adjust the resistance of the scroll wheel so that you can set it to the level that is most suitable for your use. In addition, it also uses the Razer Focus Optical Sensor + to improve the accuracy of the mouse, and the Razer Optical Mouse Button Switch to improve the speed and durability of the trigger.

During the Black Friday promotion period, Basilisk Ultimate will be reduced from the original price of US$150 to US$60, and the discount is more than half price, and the discount is US$90.

Click here to buy Basilisk Ultimate – US$60

Ultimate Viper

Razer Viper Ultimate ambidextrous wireless mouse is only 74 grams of weight, even compared to other light mice, it can also be among the best, which is easy to use when you go out for work or play . Viper Ultimate also uses the exact Focus+ optical sensor and Hyperspeed wireless technology. The connection is extremely low in latency and supports asymmetric suspension technology, which can adjust the sensing height individually when the mouse is lifted or dropped, which is very helpful for some players. .

Now the Razer Viper Ultimate with charging base is reduced from the original price of US$150 to US$75, which is half price.

Click here to buy Viper Ultimate with charging base – US$75

Wireless DeathAdder V2 Pro

DeathAdder V2 Pro adopts Hyperspeed Wireless technology, which has an extremely low click delay rate Compared with the previous generation, the particles on both sides of the mouse also adopt a design to improve the hand feeling, and not it is easy to slip and affect the material when holding it.

Now DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless has been reduced from the original price of US$130 to US$58, a big discount of US$72.

Click here to buy DeathAdder v2 Pro – US$58

Naga Trinity

The biggest feature of the Razer Naga Trinity is that it provides interchangeable side panels of 2, 7 and 12 button layout, which allows you to use alternately according to the requirements of the game at any time. When playing MMORPG, you can set the side panel 12 buttons to facilitate “macro” setting; the 6-button side panel allows you to cast skills or use props faster when playing different MOBA games; and the 2-button side panel will feel better in the hand It has a better experience and performs well in daily use.

Now Naga Trinity is dropping the price from US$100 to US$57, saving US$43.

Click here to buy Naga Trinity — US$57

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