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[Investment Navigation]After the epidemic, the second quarter of this year rebounded greatly, the technology and Internet stocks were in a frenzy in the third quarter, and the traditional stocks drove in the fourth quarter. The Dow rose to nearly 30,000 points. Recently, the good news for the rest of this year will definitely outweigh the bad news. Even if the number of confirmed diagnoses rises, it will be offset by the progress of vaccine development. The prospect of economic recovery is reflected in the stock market early. Before the end of the year, the three major stocks, pneumonia drug stocks, Black Friday stocks and new product stocks will make the final sprint.

Pfizer partnered with the BioNTech portfolio and Moderna to announce that the effectiveness of the vaccine reached more than 90%. Pfizer rose by up to 15.34%, BioNTech rose by up to 24.73%, and Moderna rose by 19.14%. It can be seen that the stock price reaction after the vaccine announcement is not small; even more shocking management news is that Pfizer On the same day that Chief Executive Bula announced the success of the vaccine trial, he made a huge profit of nearly US$5.6 million in shipments, which must have accelerated the pace of management of other companies.

According to WHO data, many pharmaceutical companies have entered the third phase of clinical trials, including AstraZeneca and Novavax in cooperation with the University of Oxford; the former suspended vaccine trials in September because of unexplainable side effects. Later studies in the UK continued and studies in the US were suspended. The latest announcement is expected to have results at the end of the year. It is expected that more than one million vaccines will be provided in January 2021. Novavax vaccine is different from Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA cryopreservation. It is protein-based. Like AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, the Novavax vaccine does not require cryopreservation during delivery, making it suitable for developing countries such as India and Africa.

The epidemic accelerates the development of online shopping

In addition, US retail sales in October increased by 0.3% after adjustment, which was slower than the 1.6% growth in September, perhaps due to waiting for Black Friday (November 27) and Christmas specials. Traditional stocks have started after the vaccine was announced. The department store Macy’s has a large traditional content. Although online sales accounted for 54% of its revenue last quarter, it was only due to the impact of the epidemic on store revenue during the period. Once the vaccine was released, it would be short-term to go shopping again. It is larger than other stocks, and its debt ratio is 56%, which is higher than other department store stocks and has a higher degree of risk. It becomes more stimulating than vaccines. The stock price reached a peak of $9.26, which is still some distance from the high of $18 at the beginning of the year.

However, the most beneficiaries of Black Friday and other sales seasons are online shopping, such as Amazon and Shopify. The stock prices of both have been rampant recently. Black Friday sales figures will become the key to short-term breakthroughs in stock prices.

Although 2020 is not a good year, major manufacturers have voted for their confidence in the future. At the end of the year, there will be a wave of new products, including iPad Air 4, iPhone 12, new MacBook, processor Ryzen 5000, graphics card RTX 30 series, Radeon, game console PS5 And XBox and so on.

Apple announced that the new version of MacBook uses the self-developed M1 chip, and the iPhone 12 uses 5G. In addition, due to the epidemic situation, the sales of the iPhone will be higher next year. The stock price performance after each announcement of the iPhone has been higher than the previous wave. Gun power.

Chip manufacturers have also launched new products, such as AMD’s new processor Ryzen and graphics card Radeon; it is worth mentioning that both PS5 and XBox use ultra-micro chips, which will also contribute to their sales.

Another display card manufacturer Nvidia announced its third-quarter results. Earnings rose 57% year-on-year to US$4.73 billion, and earnings per share rose 46%. The GeForce RTX 30 series of graphics cards was launched, and there was a shortage of supply until 2021.

The epidemic has caused the above-mentioned stocks to rise sharply this year, and new products will also support the performance of the next few quarters. At the end of the year, in line with the Black Friday and Christmas sales expectations, the announcement of more figures will boost the stock price.


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