Black level halo improved Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV QN900B review


Before you know it, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV has reached its third generation. I still remember that last year Samsung applied Mini LED backlight technology to mainstream models for the first time and launched the Neo QLED 8K TV. The black performance of the screen and the The fineness of the color has been greatly improved. By 2022, will the new generation of Neo QLED 8K TVs have more room for improvement compared to last year? Is the improvement that everyone expects obvious?

The 2022 Samsung Neo QLED TV series is marked with a “B”, including the flagship 8K TV model QN900B, which is similar in design to last year’s QN900A. It also uses Mini LED for backlight control. The body is also designed with no frame and built-in surround sound speakers. The One Connect Box on the back of the machine can also be placed independently for use when hanging on the wall, or when the TV is placed on the table or on the back of the machine.

The 65″ Samsung QN900B tested this time is the same as the QN900A from last year.
In addition to the built-in left and right channel speakers in the thin body, the current generation QN900B also adds upward sky channel reflection speakers to enhance the sound effect.
There are woofers on the left and right sides of the back to create a good bass effect.
The One Connect Box, like last year, can be placed independently or hung behind a tripod on the back of the machine.
The remote control is the same as last year, based on the principle of simple operation, most of them need to press the 123 key on the upper left to call out the menu. And the commonly used streaming platforms have shortcut keys that can be directly called to open the app.
The remote control is also charged with light energy instead of using dry batteries, which is intended to be environmentally friendly.

Black level light control has improved

This year’s QN900B uses about 2,000 Mini LED light control areas, although it is the same as last year’s QN900A. However, the processor responsible for light control has been upgraded by one level, and the control of the Mini LED backlight is more precise and follows the outline of the screen objects. This time, Samsung adopts “Quantum Matrix Technology Pro” (Quantum Matrix Technology Pro), which will highlight the changes in the light and dark scenes of the screen, and enjoy more details in the screen.

In the actual test, the previous generation Mini LED has actually done a good job of controlling the black color around the outline of the object, but if you look closely, if the background picture is pure black, especially when the movie is over, there will still be a little bit around the subtitles. The halo of the screen surrounds the main body of the screen and pulls, the situation is more obvious.

The light control of the QN900B is improved compared to the previous generation. When performing the Local Dimming Test, the halo appears less than the previous generation, but a small amount of halo can still be seen in the case of pure black.

With the current-generation QN900B, the halo situation has improved. In addition, Samsung’s new processor will improve the clarity of the subject and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the screen. When smart mode is turned on, the effect is more obvious. In the close-up shots of the characters, the details of the subject and the three-dimensional effect are also accentuated.

When the smart mode is turned off, the sharpness of the picture will become softer, and the smoothness of the picture will be more natural. I personally think that when watching movies, you can use the movie mode instead of the smart mode, and there will be more movies on the big screen of the theater. sense.

Samsung uses upgraded processors in new TVs every year. This year’s QN900B uses the “Neural Quantum Processor 8K” (Neural Quantum Processor 8K). There are up to 20 independent AI networks in the processor to enhance AI learning. It can analyze the type and characteristics of the screen content in real time, and then make enhancements.

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This time, a new “Real Depth Enhancer” has been added to the processor, which uses multiple algorithms to imitate the principle of viewing things with the human eye. The first thing to notice is the subject. By scanning the frame, the contrast of the subject is enhanced while the background remains the same. Just like watching the real world through human eyes, pay attention to the subject first to simulate a stronger sense of realism.

As mentioned above, this generation of QN900B is more accurate for light control. In addition to the improvement of light control capability, it will also cooperate with Contrast Mapping technology. The brightness level of the screen will be increased from 12bit to 14bit, making the screen The luminosity level has been increased by 4 times from the original 4,096 levels to 16,384 levels, and there are more levels of change between light and dark. Coupled with other new functions, such as “intelligent light shape control technology”, it can analyze the lines and shapes of the screen and the surface, and control the Mini LED through the processor, the light control of the screen is more accurate.

First to provide Pantone color certification

This year Samsung’s full line of QLED TVs and HDR-capable monitors are Pantone and Pantone SkinTone certified.

This time, Samsung’s full line of QLED TVs have the “Pantone Validated” certification issued by the Pantone Matching System. More than 2,000 Pantone colors can be accurately displayed, and 110 new skin tones have been added. The “color standard” guarantee brought by the certification can truly convey the skin color of the actors in the film, and greatly restore the sense of hierarchy created by the film shooting scene.

In addition to the original color that can be restored by watching videos, if users need to display photos, posters, and prints on TV, they can truly present the original colors. This feature is especially suitable for media producers, so with this certification, they can confidently use the TV directly as a professional display.

Using the eye protection mode, the picture will not turn yellow like other TVs, but a more comfortable brightness and contrast are calculated through AI, which will not destroy the overall performance of the picture.

For ordinary users, the eye protection mode may be more commonly used than the Pantone certification. The function can be switched directly on the Quick Menu. This eye protection mode does not simply reduce the color temperature of the screen to make the screen yellow and reduce the blue light. The system will use artificial intelligence to adjust the appropriate screen brightness and tone according to the ambient light and darkness.

I actually tried this function, usually watching TV shows and playing games will look at the screen for a long time. When the eye protection mode is turned on, the light will not irritate the eyes too much, and it will not affect the original picture quality too much. I personally think that it can be used for a long time in most cases, but when the scene is dark when watching a movie, there is no need to turn on the eye protection mode.

Add sky surround channel

When it comes to the sound part, I personally think that the sound is a more obvious change for the QN900B this time. Direct decoding and output of Dolby Atmos sound effects have been added. A built-in upward-sounding speaker unit has been added to the top of the phone. On the TV alone, it can be built to 6.2 .4 channel effect.

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In the past two years, each generation of Samsung QLED TVs has used the “Object Tracking Sound Pro” (Object Tracking Sound Pro), which of course continues to be retained. The sense of direction of positioning is more obvious, and the sound creates a sense of space, which is larger than that of the previous generation, especially in the smart mode, the dynamic performance of the sound will be more prominent, and the high and low pitches are quite clear to the human voice.

If you add the Soundbar HW-Q990B that Samsung launched this year with the TV, it can provide 11.1.4 channel effects. This time, Samsung is the first to introduce Wireless Dolby Atmos. The TV and Soundbar can finally choose not to use an HDMI cable to connect, as long as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi. In addition to convenience, Soundbar It will be more beautiful when hanging on the wall. All 4 HDMI inputs of the TV can be used up, so there is no need to reserve one for the eARC to connect to the Soundbar.

Add magnifying glass function to game mode

Newly launched TVs will emphasize game support capabilities. Last year, QN900A added two game screen ratios of 21:9 and 32:9 on the left, and users who play computer games can choose from three screen ratios. This year, the QN900B has added the Mini Map Zoom function in the 32:9 ratio. You can specify any position on the screen when you are playing. Press to zoom in, and it will be displayed at the position where the TV has no screen. You can use it to It’s very easy to use for maps, dialogs between you and your teammates, and you won’t waste half of the screen space of your TV.

You can choose 21: 9 or 32: 9 ratio by connecting the watch to the computer. This time, the QN900B has added the Mini Map Zoom function. The remote control can be used to specify the position of the enlarged image. The enlarged image will be displayed on the part of the screen where there is no image. Compared with the previous generation, the entire large image can be used more effectively.

The QN900B with 8K resolution has added the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ function this year. With the ALLM automatic low-latency mode and AMD Freesync Premium Pro technology, the response time of the screen has been further improved. The 4K resolution QN90B also adds a 144Hz refresh rate, which is comparable to high-end gaming monitors. Choose a 43- or 50-inch model to connect to a computer for video editing and video editing, and you can watch streaming episodes online. , which is more versatile than a computer monitor.

Image quality correction with a mobile phone

This year’s Samsung Neo QLED TV not only has rich audio and video functions, but also adds two intimate mobile phone coordination functions. The first is Smart Calibration. This is the first time that Samsung TVs have built-in color calibration. As long as you install the SmartThings app on your mobile phone, you can adjust the best picture quality step by step without having to Use professional adjusters or equipment to adjust.

Smart Calibration has two modes: basic and professional. Open Smart Things from your mobile phone and connect to the TV, select the basic calibration mode, and the TV will automatically display an alignment pattern. As long as the main lens of the mobile phone is aimed at the TV screen, it basically takes about 30 seconds to complete.

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The professional mode has a wide range of system inspections, but it is not a big problem to follow the steps. The process takes about 5-8 minutes, so it is recommended that users prepare a tripod for holding the phone to avoid holding the phone for a long time. . It is recommended that users can use the professional function only after a long period of time, or move the TV to a different location, and only use the professional function when the light source changes greatly. It is enough to use the basic mode every day.

Another very practical function, Multi View is similar to the picture-in-picture function of ordinary TVs, and it has appeared in the previous Samsung TVs, but the current generation of Multi View can add up to 4 Multi View windows, plus an additional Each information window displays multiple information on the same screen.

To operate Multi View, you can use the remote control to add specified sources one by one. For example, you can open YouTube, open HDMI to play game consoles, open another window to surf the Internet, and there is still space to connect the lens of SmartThing mobile phone. .

Using Multi View, you can choose and add up to 4 picture sources at your own discretion, but there is a limitation that TV station and HDMI input can only display one combination at a time, and the others can be streaming platforms or mirror projection pictures of mobile phones.

Multi View has a wide range of uses. When used personally, it can be used for multiple purposes; when used with family members, there is no need to fight for TV. When in use, you can use the remote control to choose which window will produce sound at any time, and even adjust the ratio of overlapping sounds between two different windows, or output individual sounds to a Bluetooth headset.

First try Wireless Dolby Atmos

Finally, I would like to introduce the Soundbar used with the QN900B TV in this test, the model HW-Q930B. The Soundbar itself provides true 9.1.4 channels and has true rear surround channel speakers. Both the subwoofer and the rear speakers use wireless It can be used by connecting to the power supply.

This time I tested the Q930B Soundbar with Wireless Dolby Atmos, which provides true 9.1.4 surround sound.
To use Wireless Dolby Atmos, just select the sound generator to Q930B (Wi-Fi) under the TV.
Through the SmartThings app, you can configure Sounder sound effects in detail.

This soundbar also supports Wireless Dolby Atmos connection, no HDMI connection is required between the TV and the TV, as long as you are in the same Wi-Fi environment, you can choose to connect the Soundbar wirelessly from the TV. Cooperate with QN900B with “subject tracking loop sound effect”, together with TV speakers to enhance the front sound effect.

Although the body design and remote control of the Soundbar are relatively simple, detailed sound settings can be made through the SmartThings mobile app, including 7-band sound equalizer or AutoEQ mode, the respective volume levels of the 7 channels, and the rear Speakers can be placed behind the seat or on either side of the Soundbar. The TV and Soundbar can be set and operated with a SmartThings App, which is quite convenient.


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