#Black Panther case# imprisonment for “magic magnate Premchai” kingdom “Italian-Thai” unshaken, keep an eye on bribery cases – illegal guns – chase


Weekend Manager – After fighting the case for 3 years, finally, the black panther murder case shook Thung Yai Naresuan. came to an end according to the verdict of the Supreme Court on December 8, 2021, which sentenced former chairman Premchai Karnasut Italian-Thai Plc. Development is limited to 2 years and 14 months, no parole, while their comrades are not jailed either.

The judgment of the Supreme Court in such case as Mr. Sorawit Limparangsee Chief Justice of the Office of the President of the Supreme Court As a spokesman for the Court of Justice announced that the black panther hunting case, No. 219/2516, at the Thong Pha Phum prosecutor The plaintiff sued Mr. Premchai Karnasuta, former chairman of the board of Italian-Thai Plc. Development, Mr. Yong Dodkrue, the driver, Mrs. Natee Riamsaen Mae Krua, Mr. Thani Tummat Pranpa are the 1-4 defendants.

The Supreme Court has considered Although the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act B.E. 2535 was amended by the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (2019), to repeal Section 55 to collect wildlife carcasses. But still guilty of the charge of having carcasses of wild animals in possession according to the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act, as amended in 2019, so Mr. Premchai, the 1st defendant, will be jailed for 2 years and 14 months. , Mr. Yong Dodkrua, the 2nd defendant, sentenced to 2 years and 17 months in prison, and Mr Thani, the 4th defendant, 2 years and 21 months in prison, ordered the defendant to pay 2 million baht for damages according to the verdict of the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal. but to adjust the interest to be in accordance with the new law As for the third defendant, Natee Riamsaen (Mae Krua) was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison, suspended for 2 years (no petition).

When the Supreme Court has made a judgment, the case is considered final. The whole process is done. One of Premchai’s lawyers Revealed after the Supreme Court ruled that Mr Premchai did not leave or say anything Which referred to accept the verdict of the court And the team of lawyers did not ask for any interviews. because the case is deemed to have ended

on the same day Mr. Itthiporn Kaewthip Director-General of the Public Prosecutor’s Office As a spokesman for the Office of the Attorney General and Mr. Prayut Petchkhun, Deputy Director-General of the Public Prosecutor. special case office As Deputy Spokesperson for the Office of the Attorney General Announcing the results of the case of Mr. Premchai Kannasoot and the black tiger murder case, in order of this case, that on April 30, 2018, the Thong Pha Phum prosecutor has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Premchai Karnasut, the 1st defendant, Mr. Yong Dodkrua, the 2nd defendant, Mrs. Natee Riamsaen, the 3rd defendant, and Mr. Thani Tummas, the 4th defendant, for jointly hunting protected wildlife (Black Panther) without has been granted permission and several other charges.

Later, on March 19, 2019, the Thong Pha Phum Provincial Court Sentenced to 16 months’ imprisonment for Premchai Karnasuta, Mr. Yong Dodkrua, 13 months’ imprisonment, Mrs Natee Riensaen, 4 months’ imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 baht, 2 years’ imprisonment, and Thani Tummart’s two years and 17 months’ imprisonment. by dismissing some of the defendants’ charges In particular, Mr. Premchai Karnasuta, the court dismissed the charges of collecting forests in the National Reserved Forests and the charges of collecting protected wildlife carcasses (black panthers), but punished him for supporting the charges of collecting protected wildlife carcasses ( black panther) instead

After that, on May 24, 2019, the Director-General of the Prosecutor of the High Court Region 7 appealed to the Court to punish the defendant for all charges against the plaintiff’s prosecutor. Subsequently, on December 12, 2019, the Court of Appeal Region 7 sentenced all defendants. According to the appeal of the prosecutor of the 7th High Court, Mr Premchai increased the sentence to 2 years and 14 months without parole, Mr Yong’s sentence was increased to 2 years and 17 months, Mrs Natee increased the sentence to 1 year and 8 months, a fine of 40,000 baht, but The sentence was suspended for two years, according to the court of first instance, while Mr Thani, who pleaded guilty to claiming to shoot the black panther. The court increased the sentence to 2 years and 21 months of imprisonment and ordered the defendants to jointly pay damages to the National Park Service. Wildlife and plant species for 2 million baht

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After the Court of Appeal Region 7 has sentenced all defendants as the public prosecutor has already appealed. The Director-General of the High Court, Region 7, therefore has an order not appealing. The next time, on March 31, 2020, three defendants, namely Premchai, Mr Yong and Mr Thani, filed petitions with the Supreme Court and the Chief Prosecutor of the High Court Region 7 has already resolved the petitions.

Considering the case, the Supreme Court passed a judgment on December 8, 2021, stating that the three defendants’ petitions were not heard and there was no grounds for suspending punishment. But later, the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act B.E. 2535 was amended by the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act, B.E. 2562, to repeal Section 55. The three defendants are therefore not guilty in this section according to the Criminal Code, Section 2, the 1st defendant will be imprisoned for 2 years and 14 months, the 2nd defendant, 2 years and 17 months, the 4th defendant, 2 years and 21 months. for the defendant to pay damages of 2 million baht according to the judgment of the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal but to adjust the interest to be in accordance with the new law

Historical picture when magnate Premchai was arrested
A deputy spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office answered questions that the evidence solidified the rhetoric leading to convictions for the perpetrators. The first is the eyewitnesses of those who witnessed the incident being examined in detail every step of the way. The second is the witness objects, including the remains of animals, firearms, kitchen utensils. All of which led to a thorough rhetoric. careful and concise and has proved in all three courts that the court has delivered the judgment as the prosecutor ordered to prosecute

In addition to collecting evidence The police and prosecutor’s teams have been carefully executed. An important person that cannot be forgotten is “Head Wichian” Mr. Wichian Chinnawong Head of the Western Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary Leading the team to arrest Mr. Premchai’s group on the night of February 4, 2018, after officials at Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary in the west of Thong Pha Phum district Kanchanaburi Was informed that a group of tourists was found illegally camping in the Huai Pachi area. It is between the Tikhong unit and the Maharaj unit, which is an area where overnight stays are not allowed.

Leading the team to inspect and detain Mr. Premchai The billionaire level of ten billion and the group is considered the most courageous of “Head Wichian” and his team, which from the inspection of the camp site, firearms were discovered. Frozen wild animal meat Including the carcass of the black panther, “Khao Wichian” gave an interview after the accident that the black panther was found “So much trembling the plains that a predatory beast like a giant tiger was brutally slaughtered and skinned. Not hunting for a living, but hunting for other purposes.”

in that courage “Head Wichian” also insisted on the principle of honest work when the “Rua Team” negotiated like that Mr. Premchai He is the president of a large company, Italian-Thai. with an offer to exchange benefits so as not to be arrested But Chief Wichian retorts, “It’s okay for us to be anyone. If we make a mistake, then we don’t care about anything else. He must be subject to legal action.”

After that, Mr. Wichian reported in a daily memo to the Anti-Corruption and Misconduct Division (PACC) that Mr. Premchai Karnasuta, Executive Chairman and Director Italian-Thai Plc. development Offer benefits to officials in exchange for release. And it is considered another case against Mr. Premchai and others, namely the case of bribery of officials. The evidence was a telephone recording of Mr Yong Dodkrue, one of the hunters. Most recently, the Court of Appeal sentenced him to one year in prison, but Mr. Premchai Let’s continue the case in the Supreme Court.

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Like another case related to the Thung Yai Naresuan hunting case is the case of unauthorized possession of a rifle. which in the search of Mr. Premchai’s house 43 guns, three rifles and one unauthorized gas cap, were discovered. is illegal Firearms Act and ammunition Most recently, the Court of Appeal ordered 6 months in prison, but Mr. Premchai Let’s continue the case in the Supreme Court.

As for the working path of Mr. Wichian After the black panther case He requested to move out of the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary. went to work in Udon Thani since 2019, stating that because the case is almost over not pressured Another Mr. Wichian Want to have time to heal yourself from hemorrhoids that require surgery and wants to be close to his family. Currently, he has a position as the head of the project to develop the upper Huai Bang Sai watershed area due to the royal initiative, Dong Luang District, Mukdahan Province.

For the impact on the Italian-Thai empire After the Supreme Court read the verdict in the case of “Black Panther” that ordered Mr. Premchai to be imprisoned. Share price of Italian-Thai company Development or ITD continued to decline. During the opening of the Thai stock market (SET Index) in the morning of December 8, 2021, the ITD price was at 2.14 baht, stable from the previous day. and on the way, rebounded to the highest point at 2.18 baht, or an increase of 1.86%, but since 11.00 after the verdict The share price continued to decline. The afternoon market opened down to the lowest point at 2.12 baht, or a drop of 0.94% from the morning opening price and a 2.83% drop from the highest price of the day.

while coming to hear the verdict of the Supreme Court

However, Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited issued a statement that the Supreme Court’s ruling It does not affect operations and business administration in any way. The Company has set up an Executive Committee. Consisting of high-level executives of 16 people to operate and manage since May 2012, totaling 9 years and the company has appointed Mr. Taranit Kannasut Acting Executive Chairman According to the resolution of the Board of Directors Meeting No. 1/12/2564 as of 1/12/21

Mr. Taranit Kannasut
At present, a business group management structure has been established. There are 8 business groups in each construction group, including 23 construction groups. and distribute administrative responsibilities to senior management The company would like to inform shareholders, business partners, customers and other stakeholders. of the Company believes that the Board of Directors of the Company can operate and manage the company’s business more efficiently

Data from the Department of Business Development on December 8, 2021 found that Mr. Premchai Karnasuta appeared as a director of at least 98 companies, including two public companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, namely ITD and Charung Thai Wire. and Cable Public Company Limited by the group of companies that Mr. Premchai Named as a director There are various business operations. both construction contractors golf course business vacation home Real estate, sports, etc., with a total registered capital of tens of billions of baht

Sifting the ITD statement is a confidence-boosting call that, in terms of business operations, the company isn’t a problem because it’s prepared to support it before it happens. But as for the reputation of society, that’s another story. However, the Supreme Court’s ruling in this case is one of those historic cases where rich and poor are all subject to the same law. And prisons are not only for the poor.

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In this regard, for Mr. Taranit He is the youngest son of Mr. Premchai. out of 3 children, all of whom are the Company’s executives But Mr. Premchai has placed Mr. Taranit It is the administrative duty after Mr. Premchai by Mr. Taranit who is the Senior Executive Vice President and Executive Vice President. Was assigned to act on behalf of Mr. Premchai as executive chairman In the event that the Chief Executive Officer is unable to perform the duties In order for the management of the company to be carried out continuously and efficiently since December 2, 2021

Mr. Taranit started being laid five years ago and was assigned to oversee all work, including the development of the Dawei Industrial Estate. Myanmar Currently, he is a director in 11 companies, namely Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited, Asian Still Products Company Limited, Siam Stil Syndicate Public Company Limited, LNG Company. Plus International Company Limited , 3B Holding Company Limited , ITD Myanmar International Company Limited , Amari Company Limited , ITD Madagascar SA , Italthai Real Estate Company Limited , Thai Mozambique Logistica SA , Asia Pacific Potash Corporation Company Limited

while the other two children are Mr. Piti Karnasut He is currently an ITD Director. and Senior Executive Vice President Section Miss Prachaya Karnasuta Currently serving as Senior Executive Vice President and Assistant Director, Senior Executive Vice President

In this regard, Mr. Taranit will manage various projects. of the company, including and should be worth a hundred billion baht ever

Wichian Chinnawong
For another important character that must be mentioned when the Supreme Court decides the case is final. Because it was a big police officer, but returned to raise his hand and bow to Mr. Premchai. During the case until it was criticized by society, that is Police Lieutenant Colonel Srivara Rangsi Brahmanakul The former deputy police chief came out to open up to the media whether he was rich or poor. Everyone is subject to the law. when committing an offense Paying respect or not paying respect does not result in changes in the law. But admits that there is pressure to make the case.

side Mr. Panudet Kerdmali Secretary General of the Sueb Nakhasathien Foundation An NGO that has been following the case and creating a trend for society to keep an eye on the case, said the case could prove and provide a clear answer to society over the past three years that famous people in society do not have inequalities. conviction The decision of the Supreme Court is in accordance with the judicial process. considered to stand by the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal Although the prison sentence was reduced to 6 months, but in accordance with the amendment of the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act B.E. 2562

“Immediate imprisonment, no parole. It was something that the court had always considered that the defendant had always fought. Does not accept wrongdoing, leading to judgment or not But all is the answer that black panthers don’t die free. It’s something that has been proven to society…. Socially, he’s been in prison for three years. It’s a lesson to those who think and want to behave like this,” said the secretary-general of the Seub Nakhasathien Foundation.

At the same time, the World Wildlife Fund The Thailand Office (WWF Thailand) issued a statement praising the justice process. and strengthening the use of laws against violations and offenses against natural resources and the environment by trial with transparency, not choosing caste Not choosing the status of the offender

WWF also hopes that the final verdict in this case will be an example and an important step for Thailand in deterring and eliminating trade mechanisms. and hunting Violations against natural resources and the environment not to be an example of an offense in this manner any longer



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